Monday, July 22, 2019

No, Means No! Justice for Jordan Moreton

Imagine that you'd been raped and the court system failed you.  Imagine that after the "grand jury" decided you didn't have enough "evidence" for a case to move forward your rapist sent this text.

Now imagine that this was your daughter, wife, sister, girlfriend.  This person is still free, waiting on his next victim possibly.  I'm letting Jordan share in her own words what happened below.

On February 16, I was passed out and woke up to a “man” sexually assaulting me. No, I won’t even sugar coat it. I woke up to a “man” raping me. It was terrifying and violent, and I was left with actual injuries. I will spare all of you the details that would give you the same nightmares I’ve been having for months now. I went to the police and had my rape kit done that same day. They kept my bloody clothes as evidence. While I was at the police department, he texted me and the conversation will be attached to this post. That conversation in itself is a confession of the legal definition of Rape 1st. Rape 1st is defined as “to have sex with someone by forcible compulsion” or to “have sex with someone who is mentally incapacitated.” Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is considered to be mentally incapacitated. An investigation began which resulted in him being arrested and charged with Rape in the 1st degree. A couple days before his arrest (after he caught wind of the fact that I went to the police) he called and threatened me, telling me to “keep my fucking mouth shut.” I recorded the entire conversation and turned it in as evidence. That led to an additional arrest and charge- tampering with a witness.

Not long after the arrests, we had a preliminary hearing for the rape charge. This is when I found out he had actually been charged with TWO counts of Rape 1st, because he raped me twice that night. That’s how unconscious I was y’all- I had no idea he did it twice. I was in a courtroom in front of a judge and several other people when I found out I was raped twice. The fact that it was news to me was MORE than obvious, and I will leave it at that.

All of this became so overwhelming that I ended up breaking down and was admitted to the psych unit at a hospital, where I got some help that I desperately needed. I’m still alive today solely because of that admission. I began therapy after I was finally discharged several days later.

I testified in front of an Elmore County grand jury last week. They had my rape kit (that showed and supported the rape charges AND the Sodomy 1st charge that my detective presented a few days prior; he also presented Sexual Abuse charges because my rapist admitted to “feeling me up” before raping me). While testifying, I was victim-blamed by two different jurors. I kept my cool as best as I could and continued telling the story. So, at this point, two arrests have been made and a judge has heard the evidence then agreed that there was enough evidence and probable cause so he sent it to the grand jury. I testified in front of a “selected group of my peers” which involved my story, supporting physical evidence, and text messages and a phone call of him admitting it...

And they no-billed it. Meaning the grand jury decided to drop 4 felony charges, that a judge had agreed were fit. The “man” who raped and sodomized a woman who was passed out (he claims I was drunk but I wholeheartedly believe I was drugged) is walking free right now and will probably be out at some of the local bars in Elmore this weekend with y’all. I have been told by more than one person that I am not the first person he’s done this to, and now that a group of our wonderful peers has told him he’s allowed to do what he did, I’m sure he will do it again.

As if we, as women, didn’t have to watch our backs enough because of people like him, now we have to watch our backs AND our fronts because the justice system tells morons like him that it’s ok to do that. So, y’all just be very selective about who you allow within a 100ft radius of you because apparently not telling someone to leave a public facility when they arrive means you’re inviting them to rape and sodomize you when you pass out “drunk” after less than 5 beers 🤷🏻‍♀️. Y’all just be very careful and if this ever happens to you, just know that our peers say it IS your fault and he was only taking what he was entitled to! I legally can’t say his name, but as harmless as he seems- y’all just know that this “man” is DANGEROUS and he is among y’all just about every weekend so watch your back, front, left and right!

Just for the heck of it, I’ll attach a pic of what I was wearing that night. I only took one pic that night, so you can’t see my whole outfit- but I was wearing leggings, tennis shoes, a T-shirt that was probably 3 sizes too big, a jacket, no makeup and had my hair on top of my head because I wasn’t planning on going out that night. I hadn’t even shaved my legs in God knows how long. I guess my “sexy outfit” showed I was just begging for it, huh?

I am permanently scarred and forever changed, and he will probably be out celebrating this weekend. This is what our peers consider to be “justice.”

👉🏼 Rape isn’t always a guy with a ski mask and a gun, sometimes it’s a “friendly” guy who says he will watch your drink for you while you run to the restroom.

Where is the justice for Jordan Moreton?  Why did the court decide not to follow through.  The man she accused of this case also has relatives in the court the next county over.  Something is not adding up here, and I believe a serious inquiry needs to be made against the Elmore County Court system over this.  #JusticeforJordan please share this until someone can give a reasonable answer to why this person is not paying for his crime.

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