Sunday, September 29, 2019

Vaping Flavor Bans in Your State? HiggyCigs has you covered!

To help some of the people that may not YET be comfortable with full-blown DIY mixing. I wanted to put this out there. HiggyCigs has Pre-mixed nicotine vape juice blended. All you have to do is add your flavors (or a one-shot concentrate in) Higgy Cigs offers these unflavored eliquids in nicotine levels from 0.5-24 mg here Higgy Cigs  Base they also sell  one-shot flavor blends and you could add that in at a % to make this very easy for beginners.

Mixing by volume this way takes less than a minute!  The video below will show you how to mix by volume and weight.

If you want to mix by weight this is how you do that.  After buying the Pre-made mix and your flavor shot, open the eliquid Recipes calculator Click For The Calculator Here to mix up your DIY and follow the example of that recipe (the one-shot will tell you how much percentage of one-shot they recommend in this example it is 15%) 

On the amount, this is where you’ll choose your bottle size, this matters a great deal.  Since you are using a base that already has nicotine, pg and vg, you need to MAKE sure the Desired Strength, Desire Pg, Desired VG and the Nicotine Strength, they should all read 0 (zero).  Depending on how you ordered your base, on the PG content of nicotine and VG content of Nicotine is where you put that information.  The only other thing you add is the name of the flavor concentrate and the % you are using of that flavor.

Shake well and vape, although some One Shot flavors may require a few days of steeping (letting it sit)  I really hope this helps those that aren’t ready to take a huge step into DIY but want to try it out and make delicious eliquid.

Download PDF Here

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