Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Solution To Youth Buying Adult Products

I was browsing Amazon today and ran across this Driver License Scanner when the solution to youth buying adult products came to me!  It's simple, the product above is $144 and something that any vape shop, alcohol package store, or convenience store could implement.  Pharmacies already use this type of product for people getting controlled prescriptions.  To purchase the product you have to scan your driver's license and that information goes into a database.  This would stop ANY underage person from being able to purchase adult products, and would also give law enforcement the ability to see if someone was purchasing an abundance of products and reselling, therefore stopping this product from being bought legally and distributed illegally.  My daughter worked in a pharmacy for three years, so this solution obviously works to keep controlled substances away from those who aren't supposed to use them.

I understand that some people are going to argue this is a violation of your rights to know if you're buying certain products, but when it comes to prohibition, I believe this outweighs the alternative.  This is such an easy answer to everything but buying adult products online, and I'm sure there are people that sell alcohol online so they already have a solution in place.  What a scanner like this does is verify age, and keep a database of purchases that go into a spreadsheet.  Problem solved.  Honestly, I don't know why some lady who doesn't even a business related to adult products had to come up with it.

If youth usage of cigarettes, alcohol and/or vaping is considered the problem, then this is the solution.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this idea.  You can reach me on twitter at on Facebook at or drop me an email at authormichellehughes @   My proposed bill to congress below.

A Bill to Stop Youth Purchase of Adult Products to
Stop Underage Sale of Cigarettes, Vaping Products and Alcohol

Section 1.      This bill would require that any adult product (alcohol, cigarettes, vaping products) be required by law to have a scan of their driver’s license by the person purchasing this product.  This scan would keep a database of the purchaser on file.
Section 2.      Any location selling adult products would be required by law to use this form of identification process to prevent the sale to minors
Section 3.      Depending on which type of adult product is sold, the government agency that will oversee the enforcement of the bill will be responsible for making sure this is enacted.
SECTION 4.      The reason this bill needs to be in place is so that we can reduce the purchase of adult products for underage users, and to have a database of purchasers that may have the intent to resell to said underage users.   
Section 5.      This bill would nullify the need for flavor bans in vaping,  and assure that anyone purchasing these products for resell to the youth could easily be identified.  This same bill would stop the underage sell of alcohol or tobacco products that don’t fall under vaping to have the same solution.

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