Saturday, August 22, 2020

Tears of Crimson Wants To Hear Your Voice!

Bring Your Voice

Tears of Crimson has long been a supporter of women romance/paranormal writers on our platform.  Today we wanted to reach out to women from all over the world to share their opinions and have their voice heard.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an author, a mother, a republican, a democrat, a physician, a nurse, teacher, or someone who hasn’t made a career choice yet but searching.  This is YOUR time to shine and share your story. 

This is about YOUR voice.  Tell us your story and we’ll do the rest.  If you’re ready to share your voice with the world, fill out this form and read the information on the submission form.  There are a few rules that we must state to assure or forum to share these stories are not closed down.

The following will not be accepted as submission stories

*Stories that demean anyone because of their color, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  While we are open to stories about Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, we can’t publish anything that degrades another person for their belief system.    Sharing your voice means also respecting other voices.

*Any story that supports pedophilia or the harming of any person will not be accepted.  We are violence free.

*Political opinion stories are accepted on our platform as long as they do not demean another candidate while sharing that opinion.  For example if you dislike Biden, or Trump, that’s your personal choice but we ask that you refrain from demeaning any political figure and make a case for your political story based on merit.

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