Tuesday, September 15, 2020

An American Wake Up Call


Written by:  Michelle Hughes

Opinion Piece

We have come to a breaking point in this country where we can no longer be silent if we expect to keep our country free.  You must make a choice on which side of history you want to be on and make a stand.  This day has been coming for years, and we've seen two sides at war with each other on social media, and now in the streets.  We've lost common decency, and the ability to accept that one person’s choices don't have to align with your own.  The lines have been drawn and there are only two choices.

We are either going to keep letting these domestic terrorists (Black Lives Matter, and Antifa) continue to harass, loot, and destroy people's businesses/lives.  Or we are going to stand up, be heard and fight back.  Make no mistake, caring about white and black lives will always matter to me, but I refuse to support violent organizations like those mentioned because they are destroying this country.  Whatever race you are, if you are supporting either of them, you are accepting violent extremism, and are a traitor to everything this country stands for.  I didn't support the KKK for the same reasons, even though they are not the threat they once were, which is exactly where we need to get Black Lives Matter and Antifa, put away for the racist organizations they truly are.

You can argue among yourselves about how this was caused by police on black lives violence.  I'll argue back that they are sending race relations back to the 1960's.  The truth is black on black violence it significantly higher than any of the police on black lives has been, so obviously starting in your community is where you need to be fighting that issue.  I've heard the argument that you're white and don't get to say that, and I'll tell you I have the right to say anything I want because this is America and I still have a voice.  The truth may hurt, but statistically you can look up anything I'm saying and find the truth in what I've just written.

Now these white Antifa members, the same thing goes for them.  Parents have obviously failed in their greatest obligation to raise their children the right way.  If you are white person that hates your race, blame your parents, not the government, because your parents have failed you.  If you think that Black Lives Matter or Antifa is making a good difference in our America, then you might need to go back and get a better education, because all you've done is made sure the majority of American's no longer care what you're upset about, we only want to put you behind bars for violent activity.  Let that sink in.  If you had a cause in the beginning, you can be assured we no longer care until you learn some self-control and discover how to be a decent human being.

Let's move on to the police.  First, go back and read the part above about being a decent human being and learning some self control, then remember these men and women get paid to make sure law and order are being followed.  Acting like some idiot, resisting arrest, burning down buildings, shooting people, shouting in people's face that they need to respect you little thugs, believe me the police are the only thing standing between you and us.  If you get your wish to Defund the police, buttercups you better buckle up because the majority of American's are being held in check by our good friends in blue.  

We might have listened if you said we need to pay more for our police officers to have better training.  We might have stood by you and investigated problems with black American's being afraid of police.  Now?  We want you off the streets and in jail for destruction of property, and endangerment of life.  Your chance to be heard?  You ended that with all the violence, and that's on you.  The real problem in America is all these young adults who were never educated at home on how to be a decent person, and it's showing.  

we have all failed the youth of this country and it's time to start waking up to that problem.  Kneeling for the pledge, shouting abortions, acting like a two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum?  All of that is on each one of us, but now we must fix this mess.  We must not be tolerant any longer of behavior that is against the law.  Stiff penalties, jail time, maybe even making punishments public for all these thugs so everyone one of our young people can see what happens when you don't learn how to be a decent human being.  That's a start!

The news media must also be held responsible for making this entertainment and no longer having any shred of journalistic integrity to report the truth.  Freedom of the press needs to come with stiff penalties for lies they tell.  No longer can we allow them to spit out lies because it brings them better ratings, they must be held accountable.  We've allowed this to happen in our country, and now it's time to wake up America, and fix this mess we've made!


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