Monday, November 9, 2020

The Exodus From Main Stream Media


Thousands of patriots are walking away from Main Stream News Media after their early call for a Biden win before all the votes were counted.  The buzz on the street from the Right is that this was all a media ploy to push Biden as the winner to take away the election by fraud.  Is it true?  That's a matter for the courts to decide and it does look like this election will end up there.  The biggest villain in the game?  Fox News, widely known as a conservative hangout for republican watchers.  Since Trump was elected into office, Fox News was the only main stream media source that gave the President a fair shake, according to Republicans, but they turned the tide and pulled in extreme left reporters and created a sinking ship for those that only watched for the conservative spin.  CNN was considered the left leaning news while Fox spun for the right.

Main Stream Media today is seen as a propaganda machine for political parties today according to many of the conservative viewers that I've spoken personally with.  People are disenfranchised about having the truth spoken instead of pushing an agenda.  If what the people are saying has merit, then Main Stream Media is no more than entertainment for the masses with no journalistic integrity left.  More and more conservatives are reaching out to smaller venues like NewsMax and Oann for their news, that fact is proven by the increased numbers both media corporations have gained in the last few months.  It's no secret that Main Stream Media is supported by advertising, and people like Bloomberg have pushed millions into left leaning stances.

Facebook and Twitter have both come under attack as well for censoring the conservative opinion, while blatantly leaving off attacks for left leaning liberal opinions.  With fact checks only being added to Republican posts, they have made an enemy of the right and conservatives are leaving those in droves to move to Parler and other sights like MeWe.  

America is divided, that has never been more clear than in the 2020 election.  The Patriots won't accept a Biden win without a court date and total recount of votes.  And if that vote overturns Biden's win it's unlikely Democrats will accept that verdict.  Either way our country has been torn apart by two ideologies that can no longer occupy the same space.  What's the solution?  That's to be seen in the upcoming months as our country currently seems divided straight down the middle.

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