Monday, April 19, 2021

Vaping Saved My Life After COPD

Fighting for My Right to Live

Advocacy for Vaping

I know this is a romance blog where I share my writing and other authors, but I wouldn’t be here today to do that if it wasn’t for vaping.  As some of you might remember, in August of 2015 I shared my story on being diagnosed with COPD and using vaping as a smoking cessation tool.  It worked.  I was able to put down a 2 pack a day habit by using vaping as my nicotine replacement therapy.  The changes in my body have been unbelievable!

I’m able to sing again, sleep at night without coughing my lungs out waking up a hundred times, and haven’t gotten bronchitis or pneumonia once.  Prior to vaping, it was every other month I was diagnosed with bronchitis.  Vaping was the last thing I tried after:  Nicotine patches, hypnosis, prescription medication, and cold turkey.  None of those things helped me quit smoking.  When I went to the emergency room it was a huge wake-up call, getting hospitalized was proof that if I didn’t give up that horrible habit I wouldn’t be around.

This is much more than Big Pharma or Big Tobacco trying to strong-arm the FDA, our government, and the opinion of the public.  This is a fight for my life, for my right to breathe, to have an alternative that works for me to keep me away from combustible cigarettes.  Maybe it’s true that the long-term effects of vaping haven’t been studied to know how this is going to turn out in the long run BUT… and this is a HUGE BUT…. I wouldn’t have made it another five years without vaping.  So long term effects weren’t my concern because I needed something that worked RIGHT NOW!

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there just like me that can’t WAIT for long-term testing because they are DYING today.  I’m an author, but I’m not overdramatizing the facts here!  If they tax these products to where those in a lower economic bracket can’t afford to quit by using vaping, those people suffer!  If they BAN vaping, they essentially KILL those who need this alternative to smoking to live.  I want you to think about that long and hard!  Without vaping, myself, and several people just like me will DIE addicted to cigarettes when the answer to quitting effectively was right in our grasp but we stood by and did NOTHING!

Looking at things realistically, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco should be the real losers here.  They don’t deserve the right to kill another person with their products or their FAILED methods of nicotine replacement and Prescription medications that have caused people to have suicidal thoughts.  Research the truth on Chantix:  Suicide warning for Chantix and Anti-smoking drug Chantix linked to 500 suicides.

I KNOW without doubt vaping saved my life, and I will fight until my dying breath to advocate for it.  There are so many lies out there about vaping and I encourage you to research for yourself to discover the truth, not what the media is trying to spin-off for their agenda.  Get the facts, and please support my cause to Fight for My Right to Live by visiting these pages:

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