Friday, May 20, 2022

N.J. Adel Presents Furore - Night Skulls


The Night Skulls MC Duet
Author: N.J. Adel
Genre: Dark MC Romance


Unwanted by my own father, dumped by my ex, all I want is someone to tell me I’m good enough
Then, Furore, the Night Skulls MC president, the cartel’s man and the Lanza Mafia crime family’s friend, shows up in the prison writing class I teach and looks at me like I’m his good girl
About to be his very bad girl…

Even if his protective arms save me, when you trust an animal in a cage you never know when he’ll bite
He won’t just leave a mark
He’ll brand you with blood and ink
His property forever
But when our secrets are intertwined in the most forbidden way, threatening to destroy us both, will he still be my protector or the one who delivers my soul to the hell I’ve been running away from all my life?



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I saw her first
Pure and untouched, my forbidden teacher, my obsession and the tamer of the devil inside
I was her first and should have been her last
Until I broke her heart

Thinking he can protect her, she throws herself into his arms
The man whose name I carry, the president of the Night Skulls MC
But the mafia revenge that’s been threatening her life isn’t what she needs protection from
It’s me and the devil inside that’s now roaming free
Because every time I watch my father’s hand on what’s mine, I hurt someone she cares about
Until there’s no one left
But him
Unless she leaves him and returns to me, right where she belongs
Will she make the right choice? It doesn’t matter.
My little faerie, you’re mine. If I can’t have you, no one else will.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


N. J. Adel, the author of The Italians, All the Teacher’s Pets, Her Royal Harem, and I Hate You then I Love You series, is a cross genre author. From chocolate to books and book boyfriends, she likes it DARK and SPICY.
Mafia bosses, psycho anti-heroes, bikers, rock stars, dirty Hollywood heartthrobs, supes, smexy guards and men who serve. She loves it all.
She is a loather of cats and thinks they are Satan’s pets. She used to teach English by day and write fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo. Now, she only writes the fun smut.


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