Monday, February 13, 2023

The eight year anniversary of Tears of Crimson - Michelle Hughes


Kindle Scout Author, Michelle Hughes breathes new life into paranormal romance with a world of supernatural creatures and a love affair that will leave you breathless.

I know pain. I’ve lived it, breathed it, desperately fought it, and failed until he found me.. in my dreams.

Rafe saved me, but logically I knew he wasn't real…

Now, my world has fallen apart again, and the only way to regain control of it is travel to the place where Rafe took me in those visions.

The streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans are my last chance at sanity. What I find through the doors of the Tears of Crimson nightclub could leave me wishing that insanity was my only fear.

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This woman wrote the things that I wanted to read and wrote it in a way that drew me in and kept me hooked. I never looked back. -Romance Book Worm Reviews-

When I went into this book I was thinking New Orleans & vampires, it's going to have a Sookie Stackhouse type feel. WRONG!! While there's vampires and werewolves, the author put a unique little twist on them. You think you know? You have no idea. – Ariel Mathis-

The is nothing more intriguing then fallen angels and their curses and then you add a halfbreed. Just read this book you won't regret the time it takes and you won't want to out it down. It's a true 5 star. Well deserving. - L.Hayes -

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