Friday, November 4, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 - Where's the Good Stuff

Paranormal Activity 3 - Review

The movie starts off slow with a little confusion and bouncing around between times.  There were a few moments of surprise but not really frightening just shocking.  You start anticipating the story that never really gets to the point where you're really shocked and awed.  As much as I wanted to like this movie I just can't say that it really did it for me.  The plot was okay with a background of a grandmother who apparently had been involved with some occult.  What I took away from the story line, and I could be off base here, was that the grandmother wasn't really pleased with her daughters new live in (not sure if it was her husband or boyfriend to be honest here).  

The boyfriend/husband is an aspiring film maker (again I'm assuming because it didn't really give me the insight here on what he was trying to really accomplish) and he sets up cameras in the girls bedrooms and one that pans the living room and kitchen. The youngest of the girls has a "imaginary friend" named Toby that the little girl talks to.  We catch the little girl talking to the "imaginary friend" on camera and apparently it's asking her to do something she doesn't want and she says no.  The next night the "imaginary friend" attacks the older sister and the little girl agrees to do what it wants.

There are a few little incidents that are worthy of mentioning.  The light bursts in the entryway of the home.  When the babysitter comes to visit she's in the kitchen and it looks like the little girl walks into the room dressed as a sheet ghost then the sheet falls to the floor with no one under it.  The mother is trying to unstop the garbage disposal in the kitchen when all their kitchen supplies on the ceiling fall to the ground.  These were really the only memorable moments of this show for me.

The show ends with the mother of the two girls seeming as if she's being hung and collapsing to the floor.  The grandmother stands before the husband/boyfriend and his back is broken by an unseen force and the two little girls walk with grandma up the stairs.  The ending to me was a real let down.  All in all this film just disappointed  me as I was expecting a lot more when I went in from the previews.  

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