Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ What the Trend?

Today if you're going to promote anything you need to be on Twitter, Facebook, and up and comer Google+.  But what if you just don't have time to keep active on all three of these social media powerhouses?  I think to figure out which social media outlet is best for you first you need to make a list of what your trying to accomplish.  I'm going to look at through this with an authors eyes, because well that's what I am!

I started out on Twitter back in 2009 and have managed to build a small following up of a little over 10,000 friends.  With facebook I started roughly a month later and still maintain a following of a little over 2,400.  Google+ I've only been active on for the last three months and the number is a depressing 83 people in my circles.  Of course I can email 2,000 of those people sharing my information from Google+ which keeps me going back.

By going over those statistics I can easily see that Twitter is the most profitable way for me to spread the news to a large amount of people in the fastest amount of time.  That being said, facebook seems to be more of a personal involvement with my readers and that really has to be taken into consideration.  Google+ is still a growing social media outlet so I'm not counting them out, but they just aren't there yet when it comes to promoting across the widest platform.

One of the drawbacks with Twitter is the fact that there is so much information going out at once you don't really get honest numbers of how many people you are really reaching.  A way to make your target audience easier to reach is by following #hashtags.  Those little hashtags can break down conversations that are being talked about into something that is actually manageable to understand.  By adding those hashtags to a list in Hootesuite I can find folks talking about Vampires, which is what the genre of my books are about, and start conversation based off the topic that I want to discuss.

There are several programs out there that allow you to find the hashtag for what you're interested in talking about by doing a simple Google search.  Twitter is by far the easiest way to reach the most amount of people in the fastest amount of time and I highly recommend anyone interested in promotion of a product to consider investing the time to research it. While facebook is a great way to get a personal involvement with your base, in my case the numbers just don't support it as being the best way to communicate.  

I know this is way off the topic of Vampires but even vampire lovers have to take time out to figure out what social media outlets work from time to time.  To put things back on track, Twitter gets a fang bite for being the most productive social media outlet for promotion! 

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