Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Tease 10 Night Excerpt - Sexy Role-play?

Erotic Role-play Excerpt from 10 Nights

2012 ©All Rights Reserved

Leah didn't hesitate. "My body is yours, Sir, do with it as you wish," she told him, deciding that if he wanted to play a game, she was happy to go along with him.

Nodding in satisfaction he took her hand and led her to the table in the center of the dungeon. "If you are truly prepared to offer yourself up to me then climb up onto the altar and lay your life in hands." His dark blue eyes filled with heat as he thought of the game, which was only just beginning.

Allowing herself to sink into his world of make believe, Leah climbed up onto the table and laid back. She shivered in anticipation of what was to come, which she could only guess at, as she lifted her hands above her head and clasped them together, wanting to appear like a perfect sacrifice.

He walked around the table, enjoying the shivers that ran through her delectable body. He was glad the roleplaying was turning her on, and made a note to do this again with her another night. "We must lose this dress, my dear," he told her, "I wish to see what you have to offer me."

Pulling a dagger from a holder in his sash, Rhett held it up before her, turning it so it picked up reflections from the candlelight. Her trembling increased, increasing his arousal. Lowering the blade he traced the point of it over her skin, making her flinch. "Don't move an inch, dear one, I would hate to make you bleed too soon." Her eyes widened and she struggled to keep herself still as the blade trailed up her arm, across her shoulders and down the other arm.

Rhett moved the blade back up her arm and then lightly ran the point down her chest. She flinched again as the blade moved between her breasts, but quickly froze. Seeing her reaction he smiled in pleasure before slowly tracing the blade back up to her throat. The fear in her eyes was a tremendous aphrodisiac but he knew it was time to move on and he slid the blade under first one strap and then the other.

The flimsy material parted easily under pressure from the razor sharp blade and with the straps cut he once more traced the blade down between her breasts. He didn't stop that time though; instead he kept the blade moving, slicing through the gown from the straps that hid her breasts to the hem.

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