Wednesday, August 15, 2012

True Blood has Tinkled in my Cornflakes

Just Look Up

Okay so you see that sexy guy up there, you know Alexander, he's the reason I watch True Blood.  I'm going to rant and this makes two this year, so wow go me!  A True Blood without Eric/Sookie/Bill scenes is not True Blood, okay maybe it's not the Southern Vampire Mysteries, but either way I am not a happy Southern gal at the moment.  You know what?  I'm glad that the AVL was given it's time, I love Jess and Jason, LaLa is still my favorite gay guy, and Pam and Tara very hot, BUT, and this is a big ole but.  I watch this show for that sexy hunk you see above, and the relationship stuff between him and Sookie.  So what if I wish I could have been Sookie when he lost his memory, I still want to see THEM.

Tinkling in a Southern Gals cornflakes is never a good thing!  Ask my husband!  I don't know if Ball is just plain ignorant or he wanted to tick off people like me who watch the show for ERIC.  Whatever the reasons were for keeping my favorite people from having even ONE, count it ONE, moment together ... whatever fairy blood he's been sneaking for his own use, I hope like hell whoever takes this show over FIXES the problem.  

As a HUGE lover of the Harris books my heart is broken at how far off this show has gone away from the characters I fell in love with.  So yeah, maybe I'm a bit obsessive over the books, but you don't fix something that wasn't broken, and dang it those books ROCKED.  What's even worse is I will watch the last few episodes just hoping that I see some fragment of emotions between the beautiful, sexy Viking and that Sookie who I love and hate because of her ability to have Eric.

My cornflakes are soggy, my heart is broken, and dog gone it someone better make me happy!  True Blood is the one show that I demand complete silence for and my husband gets the kids every Sunday Night it's on.    It's my addiction, and it's one of the few things in this life that I will give up a night of writing for.  So fix it!  Bring back the sexy Viking and Sookie scenes and make me smile, cause a ticked off Southern Gal is not something you want to be around!


That other vampire writer chick


  1. I totally agree with this. I never did rate Bill (although she married him?) dispite the fact he's a Brit and so am I. I always wanted it to be Eric and Sookie. ALWAYS! Like I want Elena and Damon (Not the spineless Stephan for heaven sake). I loved the books, but the last few have been steering toward Eric and Sookie being over for good and I can't bare buying them to read it. I read the reveiws, they were bad enough :( HELP!

    1. Shah, I honestly have been a book lover on that end from the beginning. But it was incredible seeing Eric come to life on the screen. I will be outraged if Sookie and Eric are over for good. I don't understand how Ball or Harris can't see what her fans want and give it to them. I understand she's got to write what she feels, but it's going to kill me if it ends badly.

  2. I didn't mind the creative license Alan Ball took with Queen Charlaine's books. I thought he took the characters and the storyline in some interesting new directions. However, True Blood is now getting outlandish and silly. I wonder how many more seasons it will last.

    1. There were some good decisions on his part Catie, like keeping Lafayette. And last season I was in heaven with the Sookie/Eric scene even though I still wanted my sexy shower scene. I've read Ball is leaving after this season, so I'm hoping whoever picks it up has a clue and fixes this mess.

  3. I'm with you Michelle. I don't know what the writers of the show are doing.
    I thought the vampire authority stuff was interesting but we've only 2 episodes to go and nothing has happened with their plan to take over the world. Like you, I'm miffed at the lack of moments between Sookie and Eric. Sookie is the heart and soul of the books and she's getting as much or as little screen time as every other character this season. But hopefully that will be remedied this week. Wasn't Anna Paquin spotted shooting scenes in New Orleans a few months back? If that's true, she must have gone there to find her boys.

  4. If I don't get my Sookie/Eric moment this week Emma, I'll write out the rest of the scene I had. I don't know why but writing out my own ideas definitely helps my heart heal LOL.


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