Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sookie and Eric Fan Fic - Blame Alan Ball

The Legalities:  Eric, Sookie, and everything related to this fan fic is owned by Harris and HBO not my characters.  I promised last Sunday morning that if Alan didn't have a scene with Sookie and Eric that I would write out my own fan fiction, and I don't break promises.  So here's my little story and I have to say it makes me happy, if nothing else *grins*

"You mean Bill is just going along with this whole thing," sitting down on the worn couch she was just stunned at everything Eric was revealing to her.  The warehouse being bombed, Bill's acceptance of it and the thought that Bill would be willing to put humans at risk, was just more than she could take.

"It's the blood Sookie it's taken over his ability to think rationally," he had come to protect her from Russell, even if he had ulterior motives, that was his official stand on the matter.  The fact that a new Sheriff had been chosen for Area 5 was a problem he planned on eradicating as soon as he made sure she was safe.  

"I just can't believe he'd support this Eric, that's not the Bill I know."  Who was the Bill she claimed to know, she thought to herself.  One of the main reasons she had broke things off with him before was his inability to be honest with her.

"We just need to get you out of here for a few days, it's not safe for you to be in Bon Temps right now".  He knew he needed to change the subject, and her and Bills past wasn't something he wanted to reminisce with her. 

"I'm not leaving my home Eric," even after Mike had broke in and proven that she wasn't safe in Gran's house, she still refused to admit she couldn't take care of herself.

"I can't protect you here Sookie, would you for once just listen to me and stop being so damned headstrong?"  She might have powers to protect herself, but Russell was stronger and had a much more sadistic mind, she'd never be able to fend off an attack from him.  

"I'm headstrong!" Coming from anyone else she might have agreed, but he was the king of stubborn.  "Look Eric, I appreciate you wanting to save me, but I'm still staying right here".

"Two nights Sookie, can you at least give me that and let me put you somewhere safe while I try to figure this whole thing out?"  He ran a hand through his hair wearily.  "I can't worry about you and do what I need to do."

"Why Eric, someone might think you care," she said the words mockingly but as she looked up into his eyes she felt an instant regret for the comment.

"You know damn well that I care about you Sookie, and it is beneath you to try and say otherwise".  He could think of a few things to do with that mouth of hers right now, but doubted it would help his case much. 

"I'm sorry, I guess that was rude of me".  She was miserable without either him or Bill around and was taking it out on him.  "Look I know things didn't end the way you wanted and I'm sorry if I hurt your ego."  It was as close to apologizing to him as she could get.  They enjoyed some fun while he was without his memory but she couldn't forget the demanding vampire he was before that and now was again.

"I'm a thousand year old vampire Sookie, and I don't need your pity".   He allowed her to get closer to him than any human in the past, and her easy dismissal of him, wasn't sitting well on his pride.  "I know that you have conflicted emotions about Bill and I, but please don't feel it necessary to appease my feelings".  Standing up he towered over her as she sat on the couch, his eyes glaring down into hers.  "This going underground is for your protection and has nothing to do with any feelings I have, or had for you in the past".

That stung in ways she didn't want to think about.  She wasn't a heartless woman, far from it, and standing in the same room with him was difficult enough without remembering those incredible nights they shared together.  "I just don't think it's a good idea for you and me to go underground together."  She stressed the word together, hoping he got her meaning.

"Is that what you're worried about?"  "That I won't be able to control myself if I'm alone with you?"  He chuckled then smirked.  "Trust me, I'm far past the point where I'd allow you to turn me down again".  Never would he admit how much she had destroyed his pride when she left him.  

She didn't like the idea of him laughing at her.  Maybe she was worried she wouldn't be able to stay away from him so she bit back snidely.  "I'm worried that you might drain me since True blood is so hard to find right now."  She was lying through her teeth, and the thought that he no longer wanted her was a huge blow to her own self-esteem.

That hit him in a place he'd long since forgotten he had.  "I think if I get hungry I can find other ways to sustain my needs, Sookie".  Smirking at her, he hid how much her comment upset him.

"Fine, you get two days, but after that I'm coming back to my home, solution or not".  The thought of spending two days alone with him did things to her libido she refused to think about.  Regardless of what she might say to him, there was a part of her that wanted him.  

(That's how I would write the next show with Eric and Sookie )


  1. Thanks for this, Michelle. A Sookie/Eric scene was much needed. Only 2 episodes to go like and they better give the fans some bit of satisfaction.

  2. Emma, I really don't understand his mindset at all with keeping them out of the main scenes together. I understand Sookie Real life is pregnant but they could have done something! Anything to keep us happy.


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