Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let's Get It On!

What happens at Tears of Crimson after the Thanksgiving feast?  Our mind sinks right back into the gutter and we get to work!  So what are we getting ready to serve up?  Well this sexy image of Eric Balfour, you know Duke from Haven, pumped up the fantasy muse.  I mean seriously the guy looks like he should be riding a hog and getting down and dirty in the sack... hey don't give us that look!  So a sexy Eric in leather with some rough and rowdy loving... that got our minds whirling.

We pummeled our brains trying to figure out what we knew about biker gangs and turns out, well not a hell of a lot!  So what do you do when you have this great idea for a book and want to get the 411?  You find a great author friend who just happens to know a lot about the subject and beg him to fill you in.  So much love to Zach Kullis for the knowledge because even though the new book will be a fiction and contemporary romance, we want the facts to be straight.

Of course at Tears of Crimson we rarely have an issue with shyness and decided on whim to go out and tweet the sexy Eric, doubting he'd ever give us the time of day and I'm sure this means way little to him but we were so stoked to get a tweet reply.  So stoked that all our friends of Crimson were sick of hearing about it, I'm sure.

Obviously we can't use Eric's name or image in the book but the fact that he answered was just pretty cool and has put him as our number one fangasm dude of the month!  

Okay so back to the book!  March is the estimated release date... but you know how the craziness works around here, it could be sooner.  All we can say now is that it will be a biker romance and be based off some great factual knowledge and of course with everything we write.. lots of steamy hot goodness involved! And obviously we can't use the brand names of the bikes... because seriously being sued would suck royally... but at least you'll know now what he'll be riding!

We're sending out some serious love to Brandy Dorsch because she supports the insanity at Tears when most people tell us we're crazy for some of the stuff we talk about here!  I know a little random thought but I think she'll get it.  So while we're being random (because having ADD just kind of makes that crap happen) let us know what you think is worthy of a fangasm dude (or chick).  

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