Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Nights of Sinful Delights - 99 Cents!

Five Nights of Sinful Delights

Boxed Set

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In lieu of the changes coming as we bring back to life Cara Faith Donovan, we’re offering a great deal on five of our sexiest books from Tears of Crimson:  Sin, Romance Book Club, Undercover Submissive, Angela’s Salvation and Scarlett’s Temptation.  For a limited time you can receive all five full length books for the insane price of 99 cents!  833 pages of Sin.

Have we lost our minds?  That's debatable, BUT we wanted to offer our readers a last chance to have this collection before they were all changed to reflect the name change.  If you want to keep a little piece of history from Tears of Crimson this is your chance.  These will be the last books with the name Michelle Hughes on the cover.

The new book releasing from Tears of Crimson will be titled Whore, and will hit the shelves just in time for Christmas.  Obviously Cara Faith Donovan will be the author and Michelle Hughes will be thrown back into the administrative side.  With the new book release, Whore, we're inviting our readers to let go of all their inhibitions and embrace their inner whore!  Can a virgin be a whore?  That's the question we'll ask readers to decide for themselves!

Enough about that for now.  November has been a crazy train ride and we're all trying to catch our breaths as we flip-flop through the name changes, participate in NaNoWriMo, and basically try and catch all our friends up on what's going on.  Nothing says little white jacket like giving yourself an impossible deadline! Isn't that what life is all about?  So hang on tight and come enjoy the ride as we move into 2014!

We've got your virgin and alpha male temptations with seduction so steamy you might need a cold shower when you're done!  Our bad boys like them sweet and innocent and since it's getting harder to find that in today's modern age, it's what we love bringing to our readers at Tears of Crimson.  Take a virgin and put her with the right Alpha Male and watch her bloom.  That's what we want to be known for, not to mention that we just find it hot seeing how a sexy man can make a sweet woman turn into a tiger in the bedroom.  

Thank you Tears of Crimson Friend's for always giving us such undenying support!  Without our Friend's of Crimson all this would be just a dream.  So during the month of thanks... we're giving ours to you!

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