Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Rebirth of Cara Faith Donovan

Cara has been hanging out as my alter ego since I began my writing career and now she's coming back to life at Tears of Crimson.  So hang on to your garter belts ladies, and you men?  Well I'm sure you can come up with something to grab on to!  Michelle Hughes as most of the loyal readers here know, is my real name but all the books steaming up your Kindle, Nook, and bookshelves will now have a new secret identity, Cara Faith Donovan.

What the hell are you thinking Michelle?  Well let me explain.  When you live in a small little town in Alabama and happen to have children, writing erotic romance doesn't always go over well.  So as much as I love what I do when your kids teachers start talking about reading your books it's time to consider what's best for those little people in my life that are not ready to discover the work in mommy's books.  Betty Crocker might dish up some hot little tales, but I'm sure what she's cooking in the kitchen and the things she does in her personal life are two separate things.  I hope you get what I'm throwing down here today.

Those that have supported me in the past I'm hoping will embrace this new change and hey you'll be privy to a secret because after the transition I won't be discussing this again.  From this day forth, and until death get the gist... I promise to obey my inner sex goddess and write stories that heat up your nights.  The only thing changing is the name!   The only books that will not be getting the Cara Faith Donovan secret service move will be the Vampire Series.  If you've read those books you'll understand why.  If not well might I suggest you do?

This site will continue running without change.  The new author site is the twitter name (same account btw) is now @Cara_Donovan and there's also the new facebook page  (which could use some likes since I've just created it).  The first book to be released under the name will be Whore and should hit your e-readers and paperback by December 4, 2013.   In light of the new book release you'll be seeing the tagline "Embrace Your Inner Whore"  and maybe that's what the freedom of a pen name will allow me to do with my books!

I'm hoping you guys will help make this transition easier by spreading the word.  The Street Team can always use new members and beta readers are in hot demand!  Michelle *wink wink* will still be handling the administrative duties for Tears of Crimson and Cara Faith Donovan so if you're subscribe to the newsletter nothing will change there.  If you'd like to be a part of the street team or a beta reader drop me a line at michelle@tearsofcrimson and I'll hook you up!  As always... Love from Tears of Crimson

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