Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Consumed By Four Hot Men!

Trust me it's not as bad as it sounds.  Okay maybe it is!  I finished up the first book in the series for Fantasy's Bar & Grill and was thinking, hey you know what?  I'll take a break for a few days and let that joy settle in.  Did that happen?  Of course not.  Last night I had a dream for the start of the second book so this morning I was up making my fingers ache as I wrote the first chapter.  I'm seriously consumed by these guys!  I guess if you have to be obsessed with something it could be worse?

Zoey is one lucky girl, and I'm not sure I like her because I'm a little jealous!  How do you resolve that?  Since they are all my characters doesn't that mean they belong to me?  Try telling that to Samson!  Even when it comes to writing his book he refused to let me take over LOL!  Damn domineering man, thinks he can walk into my brain and tell me how to write him!  Well yeah, he can!  It's so much fun when your characters scream inside your head telling you how they want to be portrayed.  I think there's a mental illness for that, but I'm an author so I get a pardon!

Each of these guys has wormed their way into my heart and Zoey too as much as I don't like her living out the fantasies for me *giggling*. She's a little different for me and it's a nice change to write about a strong female lead that doesn't mind standing up to anyone that tries to tell her what she wants.  I think it's also exciting for me to watch how she deals with her feelings toward the guys and putting it into perspective with her feminist views.  This may seem hard for you to believe but I'm just as shocked as I'm sure readers are when my characters make a stand or decide to go the way they want.  I never sit down and write with a clear outline of where things are heading (something I've been told is wrong more times than I care to mention).  I love the thrill of watching them develop as I write.  I often wonder who's writing this book, me or them!

The guys are such a contradiction that it's amazing they work so well together.  You'll get to know them more in the first book but I can give a little background before you read.  Samson and Leon are strong alpha males with very different styles when it comes to their definition of the words.  Leif is all about the zest for life and would rather be surfing instead of running a multimillion dollar business. Miles in the tender-hearted hero that cares more for the people around him than he does for himself.  I couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with each one!

When I started writing Fantasy's I had a completely different idea in mind from where it's shaping up to go.  Those original ideas are still there in the background but it grew into something that surprised even me as I wrote.  So many things are going on that it's hard to play out the club itself until the emotional aspects settle down.  Don't get me wrong, you get a feel for the background, it's just the people take precedence over what the club offers in book one.   Are you confused yet?

I'm biting at the bit to release the first book but I'm TRYING to wait until it's edited before doing that.  Those of you that know me well understand that my patience is limited and if I have something I want to share, I have a hard time holding out for the formal crap.  April 1st is still the anticipated release date, but man I hate waiting that long!  Thankfully I've got Enticing Blog Tours filling up space on Tears or you'd be sick of hearing about Fantasy's for the next few weeks!

That's it for me this hump day, and I hope someone out there is actually getting some hahahahaha.  As for myself I'm too busy writing up fantasies to enjoy some of my own!  Have a great Wednesday folks!

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