Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seduced, Devoured, Consumed - The Fantasy's Bar & Grill Blog Tour

Get Seduced, Devoured and Consumed with the Fantasy's Bar & Grill Blog Tour brought to you by Enticing Journey.  Sign up for the tour that runs from May 5th - 9th:

What better way to kick off your summer than with four sexy billionaires?  Just a quick warning, these guys are off the charts when it comes to delivering sensuality and these are romance erotica novella's.  All three books will be available during the blog tour, currently books 1 & 2 are on sale, the third will be available April 30th. 

So why wait until May to run the blog tour?  We don't like waiting for the next book in a series and we wanted to be sure all three books were available before promoting.  There's another reason but we're going to be greedy and keep that little secret to ourselves until the tour begins.

 So just what is Fantasy's Bar & Grill?  It's a private club where members can pay to have their fantasy brought to life.  Nothing is taboo and if you can dream it up, these sexy bad boys can make it come true.  They've got an entire staff  waiting to indulge you.  Fantasy's lives in the heart of New York City and there are plans to create a new club on an island outside the Great Barrier Reef.  Obviously Fantasy's is for adults only.  To find out more just take the time to visit us. So what are you waiting for?  Come play behind the scenes at Fantasy's Bar & Grill with Book 1.

 Welcome to Fantasy's Bar & Grill where what goes on behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu!

Zoey Summers is desperate! After losing her job for refusing to sleep with her boss she's blacklisted from every legal firm in New York. The spineless little prick warned her she'd have to beg on bended knees to work in the city again, but it will be a cold day in hell! When she gets an interview with Fantasy's, Zoey's shocked that they want to hire her to make sexual fantasy contracts for their exclusive, membership-only club. Four infamous playboy billionaire bachelors known for their deviant exploits, own the Bar & Grill and she can't help but worry she's stepping out of one bad situation into another.

 With limited options, Zoey takes the job finding it ironic that someone with no sexual desire like her, will now be in charge of helping others create fantasies. Working with such sensual debauchery makes her begin to question her own frigid nature. Keeping things professional when working with four of the sexiest men to ever walk the face of the earth is a temptation that even she might not be able to refuse.

You're invited to accept your private membership to Fantasy's Bar & Grill with Seduced. Book 1 of the Fantasy's Bar & Grill series.

Don't forget to enter the Fantasy's Bar & Grill Ultimate Fantasy Contest which ends soon!  A personalized fantasy written just for you from one of the sexy owners!

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