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Sexy Bad Boy Billionaire - Leon Alexander

Interview with sexy bad boy billionaire:  
Leon Alexander

We sat down with one of the owners of Fantasy's Bar & Grill today to find out a little more about his company.  What we discovered had the room more than a little hot and sweaty!  Not only is Leon sexy as sin, but he's got some really unique talents and not just where you'd expect them!  Son of former fashion model, Ella Alexander, gives us the reason for his lip-licking good looks, but there's so much more to this gorgeous hunk than just a pretty face.  Grab a cup of coffee, or wine, depending on your desire, and meet Leon Alexander!

We'd love to know how the idea for Fantasy's Bar & Grill came to be?

 It's an interesting story.  As most people know, Leif, Samson, Miles and myself,  all went to college together.  We were doing our last big party before graduation at our Frat house, and the conversation turned to sexual fantasies.  One of the guys' dates mentioned that she'd had this crazy dream about having an orgy but she'd never had the nerve to bring it up.  Obviously we helped her live out that fantasy but it made me wonder how many other women or men out there had hidden fantasies that they'd never had the opportunity to live out?  It was a joke when we first began talking about a service to help people live out their deepest desires.  Samson being the business man he was, decided to capitalize on it.

An orgy in a frat house?  That sounds like the next hit movie.

I don't think that what happened that night is ready for Prime Time, but maybe a porno?  Seriously though the fantasies that people have aren't always sexual in nature.  They might have an element of sexuality in them, but you'd be surprised how many adults want to simply relive a certain time in their life where they didn't follow through in a situation.  I mean sure, we get people wanting to experience scenes from a romance novel or television scenario, but the majority are pretty tame.

What's your idea of tame?

I can give you one of the most common examples.  Spanking.  It seems to be a reoccurring fantasy for a lot of women.  I think most people can look back on their life and see a choice that affected them negatively, and you'd be surprised at how the fantasy is nothing more than wanting to be taken over a persons knee and punished for it.  Personally I think everything we do in life happens for a reason and we shouldn't feel guilty about our choices, but this fantasy works better than therapy to help a person get over their past and start looking toward their future.

I don't see how getting spanked could be a fantasy?

Maybe you haven't been spanked by the right person?  I won't go into details, but I will say that we've never had a client walk out of spanking fantasy upset about how it went down.

So they find pleasure in it.  What other things do people seem to enjoy?

I can't go into details because of confidentiality, but I can give you a few examples.  Living out the scenes from romance novels is really popular these days.  All I can say about that is a few books lately have given women the ability to feel confident in expressing their sexuality in the last few years.  We can make any scene come to life and make you forget in the process that it's all make believe.    

I'll take it that you're not discussing sweet love stories?

We can do those, but no.  The majority lately wants a strong alpha male that takes charge of the fantasy and opens up their eyes to new levels of passion.  I think we're seeing a decline in men taking control because we live in a society where we're taught that both sexes are equal.  There's nothing wrong with that in the work place, but in the bedroom?  Women still crave that strong man that's not afraid to tell them what they want and show their partner how to give it.

You're going to have the feminists in an uproar over that statement.

Just stating the facts.  Take five minutes to look up the top sexual fantasies of women and you'll see that the majority have something to do with being dominated.  Granted outside of the bedroom most women want to retain their power, but those two situations can be separated.    

So you don't get fantasy requests for women who want to be the dominating partner?

To be fair, we do see that fantasy as well, it's just not as common.  My assumption there is if a woman wants to be the one in control she's not waiting for a fantasy to make that happen.  Personally I love a strong, confident woman.  It's the biggest turn on in the world to have a female know what she wants and not be afraid to ask for it.  Our clients eventually learn to become that person and I think that's one of the greatest services we offer.  

Speaking of you personally, what's your fantasy?

(Chuckles deeply)  That's a question that the tabloids would love to have the answer to.  Let's just say that I know what I like and when I find the person or persons that make it come to life, I'll have my perfect relationship.

So you're not monogamous?  

I'm not a big fan of monogamy, no.  With the right people I could see myself settling down in a semi-monogamous relationship but just one person?  That doesn't really fit in with my desires.  

Semi-Monogamous? I'm afraid I don't understand.

I'm bisexual.  The idea of being with one partner isn't my ideal situation.  Perhaps a female and a male, but no I wouldn't settle for just one.    I don't have a preference between one sex or the other and for me it's about the sensations that both give that turn me on.

That must make it difficult to find the right partners?

Not really.  In the last five years or so I've seen a big change in how people relate to sexuality.  Many more women and men, are open to the idea that sex doesn't have to be either/or.  I've never really cared what society thinks, and I gravitate toward people that have the same mental attitude.

 So tell us more about Fantasy's.  I hear that you've just purchased an island?

I'll give credit to that idea to Leif.  He's really into surfing and wanted to create a place where he could enjoy that hobby and still be a part of the business.  The island is just off the Great Barrier Reef and is currently being turned into a resort for pleasure.  I like the idea because it helps to get away from some of the restrictions were facing in the United States.  The Bar & Grill will continue to be run by Miles and Samson and I'll work with Leif from the new location.

A real life Fantasy Island?  

Yes but I think we'll refrain from having the little person shouting for the plane.  (Chuckling)  Fantasy Isle will be an adult only pleasure themed vacation spot.  The fantasies will be a little longer in duration since it will be a vacation.  We're still ironing out the details but it will be a place where you can indulge in a world of fantasy and get a more lasting impression when you leave.

It sounds like the next year will be very busy?

It will be, but we've got a great staff and that helps ease the way into the new location.  I'm flying our staff down monthly to get them accustomed to the travel and they've been a big help on making sure our client's will enjoy the duration of the trip which is pretty lengthy from New York.

I'd read that you were a pilot.  Will you be flying all the guests?

No.  I do the trips now for just the staff but investing so much time would keep me away from the business aspect on the Isle.  We'll have a full-time pilot and also a captain for the vessels coming and going from the island to Australia.

I have to ask.  Are you already booking guests for the Isle?

Not yet.  We're hoping to do that in the next six months.  Until then our members will have to be content with what we offer at the Bar & Grill.

Speaking of the Bar, are memberships open to the general public?

Absolutely!  Zoey, that's our legal contract person, is screening potential members and of course there are guidelines, but there are always openings.  You can fill out the preliminary contract questionnaire online at 

Thanks for talking with us today.  Where can our readers go to find out more about Fantasy's?

It's been a pleasure.  You can find out all you need to know by visiting us online at  our staff monitors the site and will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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