Saturday, May 17, 2014

American Billionaire Jack Duncan Speaks Out

The American self-made billionaire, Jack Duncan sat down with us today to discuss the recent comments being made about the romance being released concerning his relationship with Emily Yates.  Pre-released copies were sent to all the major reviewers and the backlash he's received, he claims was unfounded.  "How Emily and I relate is not a discussion up for debate," Jack informed our reporter.  "She knows what it takes to play in my world and if she didn't want to follow my rules, obviously I'm not holding her hostage," Duncan appeared frustrated out of his normal cold as ice persona as we continued our questioning.

Could it be that someone has finally penetrated that shell that made Jack Duncan one of the top 100 businessmen in America today?  During a rare interview with Emily Yates, it seems to appear so.  Yates spoke in the interview about Jack's political ambitions, and the scenario she painted about her boyfriend was completely at odds with the way Wall Street labeled him.  Some of you might remember that post when Jack Duncan was titled as "New York’s Ice Man" after sinking three popular companies that tried to sue him for improper stock market trade.  All charges were dropped when the companies went bankrupt.

Reviewers were incensed with outrage at the detailed sexual deviance Duncan subjected Yates too in the upcoming release.  Labeled as fiction, Women's rights groups claimed that was just a cover-up to keep his young mistress from seeking the help she obviously needed.  After acquiring an early release copy, it's hard to stay objective about what the young woman was being subjected to.  Yates refused to comment on the history of their relationship and has since refused to give any interviews.

Events in the book closely follow Duncan’s real life, so separating the sexuality into fiction will more than likely give more than a few readers pause.  With his upcoming political debut, his supporters are worried that this book release might put a damper on his goals to run for office.

You can decide for yourself what’s fact or fiction when Bought for Love, the first book in the "You Don’t Know Jack Series", releases on May 22,2014.

Can a person be bought for love? You don’t know Jack!

Jack Duncan is a ruthless, egotistical, cold hearted son of a bitch and that’s only in the boardroom.  When it comes to sex and romance the only word he expects to hear is yes!  Sinfully sexy, he could manipulate anyone to follow his lead and he wasn’t above pretending to be something he was not to get what he wanted.

Emily Yates was sweet, young, and innocent.  The perfect pawn for a man like Jack to use.  She was a blank slate that he could mold into the woman he wanted by his side for his political career.  From the moment she walked into his office, he was determined to have her in his bed, in his life, and as his perfect little pet. Jack poured on the charm and Emily saw the man he wanted her to see, but would she discover out who he really was before her heart was destroyed?  You don’t know Jack.  He gets what he wants.  

Even if Emily discovered his true nature, would she already be too far gone to walk away?  And would he let her leave if she tried? When a man like Jack decided you’re his, all you can do is hope to survive the aftermath of whatever plans he has.

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