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Are you ready?  On May 22nd Jack will make his debut into the world.  He's looking for sexy book bloggers to share his story and doesn't like taking no for an answer!  If Alpha Male/Virgin Romance is your idea of a great read, then you're just what he's looking for.  A quick warning though, Jack doesn't hold anything back, so get ready for a steamy read!  That's right.  Bought for Love is meant for those old enough to handle his, shall we say, unique charm?  Sign up now for an insider look of the world of Jack here:

Jack doesn't make things easy, but we will.  Bloggers that become part of his tour will be sent all the material they need included the formatted html version.  Of course unlike Jack, we know that some bloggers enjoy making their own versions of posts, and that's fine.  Either way, we are very excited to share with you the new debut book in the YOU DON'T KNOW JACK, series!  I can't emphasize enough that this is an adult book series and there are some elements of BDSM in the first release.  

The Blurb

You don’t know Jack, yet.  Once you do he’s impossible to forget.  He’s a ruthless, cold-hearted son of a bitch, and that’s just in the boardroom. Jack is also devilishly handsome, has a magnetic personality, and an ability to make you forget any reason you might have to deny him.

 I met him on a whim, a simple woman who wanted the experience of meeting a billionaire for no other reason than to say I’d done so.  To my good fortune, or lack thereof, he saw something in me that piqued his interest.  I was enthralled from the first moment he said my name.

Like I said, you don’t know Jack, yet.  What he wants, he gets, and for some unfathomable reason, he wanted me.  Jack said I was untainted, someone he could mold into his version of perfection.  Before I understood what that meant, it was too late.  When a man like Jack decides you’re his, all you can do is hope to survive the aftermath of whatever plans he has.

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