Monday, October 10, 2016

Amber by Lexi James


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“I never wanted this, but I want you.”

An attack one night in the mountains left Amber changed forever, or at least changed every full moon. Confused and afraid, she turns to the Internet for a cure. Instead she discovers a small town with a doctor whose research could give her back her life. So she bought a cottage, made a plan, and moved. Jasper grew up knowing the first time a wolf sets eyes on his mate, his life is changed forever. While the bond between them could be an amazing connection, it would also leave him vulnerable to loss and unimaginable pain. He'd seen it happen and vowed to never experience it first hand. Two people. Two wolves. One chance to heal their souls.


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“The longer I’m around you, the better I get to know you, the more similarities I see between us. The more our wolves desires make sense.” Jasper shook his head. “They choose. They know. We’re both finding it hard to accept.”
Her face fell. “I understand.” She started to turn and leave the room, but he grabbed her bicep and stopped her.
“Let me finish.” There was an edge to his voice. This man was used to getting his way. Amber nodded sadly and he continued. “See, I never wanted to be mated.” She frowned. “After my mother died in an accident, my father wasted away. He couldn’t handle life without her.” He swallowed hard and Amber ached inside. “I saw him as weak. I never wanted to be vulnerable like that.”
Jasper jerked his head toward the couch. “Can we please go sit? harder than I thought.” His golden brown eyes darkened.
“Of course.” Amber removed his hand from her arm and held his hand instead, leading the way to the loveseat. She motioned for him to sit in the corner, then she curled up against him. “Better?”
Nodding sadly, Jasper admitted, “Yes, and worse.” He caressed the side of her face. “I can see why he died now. The bond is stronger between some pairs than others. Already, I can tell if anything ever happened to you, I’d be devastated.” He leaned his head back on the couch. “I never wanted this, but I do want you.”
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About Lexi James...

Lexi loves wine, chocolate, and all things supernatural.
What happens when she drinks too much wine? She writes stories with hot alpha males with supernatural abilities. Stick around for stories of shifters, hunters, and the women who tame them.
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