Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gone Country with Michelle Hughes (psst that's me!)

One crazy night I was listening to a song and decided that it was time to get back to my roots! Twenty thousand words half a week later and I was shocked enough to admit that I was going to write my first cowboy romance.  So I guess you can officially say I've #GoneCountry (remember that hashtag). The truth is I needed a break from all the pure sex books I'd been writing and my heart was longing for a true, honest to goodness, romance.  Will my friends of Crimson stand by me on this ride?  I have no idea, but at this point, it's the book my soul wanted to share.  I've sort of become obsessed with the idea behind this book and Brock from the Dixon Ranch.  There's even a separate website for my author page for this  are you feeling that obsession yet?

If you've read my bio, then you already know I was a country singer/songwriter for twelve years, so it's not that big of a stretch to love all things country.  Brock is the kind of cowboy all young (and old) women dream about having and I've fallen head over heels in love with him.  The new book is titled Cowboy Sanctuary, and will be released... well when I finish writing  and having it edited.  I will warn I'm now 40,000 words in and nowhere near ready to call it quits.  As per my normal habit, I already paid for cover art and have enough teasers to make every person on my social media want to smack me.  Heck, I even have the blurb, so why don't I share those before I ramble on.

Brock Dixon is a rugged, sexy cowboy who worked hard to keep the family ranch going in Texas. His skills have made him one of the top horse trainers in the world until he falls for the wrong woman.  Eight years of a lucrative career are wrangled away from him overnight, thanks to her. He vows to never trust another woman again and struggles to bring the Dixon Ranch back to its glory days.
Dana Waterfield had a life plan that demanded a strict order.

Education, career, then worrying about relationships and starting a family much later.  When her twin sister is murdered and she’s given custody of her nephew, her life plan is put on hold.  Believing her sister’s husband killed her, and armed with the knowledge that he’s not her nephew's real father, she makes a decision that could put both their lives in danger.

Bringing her nephew to the Dixon Ranch to meet his father, she can only hope he’ll want a relationship with him and provide sanctuary.  When her sister’s cold-blooded murderer and husband, Derrick Stallings, threatens to destroy them all, Dana has to decide whether to allow his blackmail or trust that the men on the ranch can keep them safe.  Falling for her sister’s lover was never part of the plan, but there’s something about a cowboy that no woman can resist.

Cowboy Sanctuary is a sweet and sexy romance, that will leave your heart melting, and your soul craving a cowboy of your own.  Remember.  There’s no safer place than in the arms of a cowboy.

This is a completely new style of writing for me.  Yes, it's still a romance, but the focus is not on sex *and of course they have it because I love writing sex scenes and don't believe a romance book is complete without them* the focus is on the love story, with some surprises thrown in that are way out of the norm for me.  I'll let you be the judge of whether or not it's a better style.  The #GoneCountry branding will be for this, and any other books I may write in the future with these themes.  I'm not putting the cart before the horse, much, and would like to wait and see how readers respond to this book before planning others.  I can tell you that Cowboy Sanctuary will be a book you can read on its own, no cliffhanger.  I will leave the door open for supporting characters to have their story told if readers truly enjoy them and my heart tells me to keep going.  

So that's what going on in my world. I hope you'll take a chance on a new brand of romance with me. I'll leave off with some of those teasers I mentioned before.  Many of them won't be part of the campaign when release day comes, but it will give you a little insight into where this book is going. If you're interested in helping spread the word, that goodreads link being shared will be a huge help and I also have a pinterest board connected:  Have a great weekend and thanks for listening to me babble!

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