Monday, October 17, 2016

Words We Never Speak - Scarlet Darkwood

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Words spoken carelessly have power and consequences. Kit Millinger learns this awful truth too late after a nasty break-up that occurred years earlier. It still haunts her, though she's tried to forget it all. Someone else has not forgotten. They now demand closure. Just as she’s settled into a new life, including a new love from her workplace, strange and gruesome occurrences begin. Kit is tasked with fighting them off one at a time. When she finds herself embroiled in a love triangle, her final choice haunts her forever.

A SOUND FROM the living room jolted Kit awake. She sat up in bed, straining her ears against the pounding of her heart. That thud sounded like something had fallen. Cringing, she gripped the covers. Dear lord, surely it couldn’t be that blasted yearbook again. Since her weekend date with Dwight, five days ago, this would be the second time the book had fallen. The first time it happened, she tried to ignore it as mere coincidence, that she’d replaced the book without pushing it all the way back. She’d gone about her business of working, shopping, hanging out with Irene and Dwight.

Kit listened a few seconds longer, praying hard that it was nothing more than the cracking sounds of her old apartment building, but the growing uneasiness suggested this wasn’t so. Only one way to find out. Throwing o the covers, she sprang out of bed and headed toward the living room. Glancing at the front door and the door leading out from her tiny kitchen, she saw nothing out of the ordinary. To her relief, the apartment was locked up tight, deadbolt in place just as she’d left it when she’d gone to bed. Kit still didn’t rest too easy as it only confirmed her worst suspicions. With dread, she turned and viewed the living room, eyes widening with horror and dismay.

A book lay on the floor in front of her bookcase, where it had fallen, from a shelf wide enough to hold all the books without any of them toppling over the edge. Cautiously, she tiptoed over, groaning when she saw her senior high school yearbook. The pages lay open, exposing the neat row of faces and comical, fake smiles. But this was not a coincidence. Not this time. She had shoved the book back until it hit the back solidly. No way could it fall off. The most disturbing issue, it kept landing with certain pages open—pages showcasing pictures of Austin.

Scarlet Darkwood wields a mighty pen, or at the very least, delivers mighty punches to the computer keys when she’s typing furiously on a story. She likes dark and twisted, and the weirder, the better. 

Always preferring avant garde themes, her stories take the reader on unusual adventures, exploring the darker parts of the human psyche as she whips out cunning prose wrapped in provocative themes. Sometimes she veers from her beaten path and takes a happy-go-lucky romp in the brighter sides of life, kicking up her style into sharp, snappy dialogue and clever descriptions.

Writing in several genres unleashes her imagination so she never grows bored. From a young age, she's enjoyed writing and keeping diaries, but didn't start creating novels until 2012. She's a Southern girl who lives in Tennessee and enjoys the beauty of the mountains. She lives in Nashville with her spouse and two rambunctious kitties.

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