Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Big Tobacco and Big Pharma the Biggest Swamps of All. They Need Draining!

I have never in my life seen more corruption than we are seeing with Tobacco and Pharma than I am right now.  I don't care what your stance is on the vaping ban, anyone in good conscious should look at this and say the corruption on this issue MUST BE STOPPED.  Vaping stepped in years ago to take care of the problem big tobacco started.  And now the pharmaceutical industry wants to take over the vaping industry.  I couldn't write a better book than this, but sadly it's not fiction!

If you're not aware of what the Tobacco Master Settlement is, there's not enough room on this post to explain it to you, so I encourage you to read about it HERE and also see how our government sold out vaping so your state gets a huge payday when you smoke cigarettes.  Basically, they are paying your state to kill you.  That's not an overdramatization when 450,000 American's die each year from smoking cigarettes.

But it doesn't end there!  Now they want the pharmaceutical companies to take over vaping when they didn't come up with an idea to save smokers from dying.  You can read about that here: Washington Post.  The gist of that is they want to hand over vaping to these medical companies so you can only get it via a prescription.

Keep in mind that vaping was created to help smokers get away from cigarettes and failed nicotine replacements, and then ask yourself this.  Why do they have any right to take over the innovations that people came up with when they failed miserably in protecting public health?  Seriously.  This is corruption at the deepest level and it reads like some bad movie that needs the script changed!!

Let's dig deeper.  Black Market ILLEGAL THC products are killing people.  They are calling that vaping, when the majority of the public considers "vaping" having to do with a nicotine eliquid, not illegal drugs (or legal pot if your state allows it).  There has not been one documented case of a person dying from regular vaping (the stuff you'd buy at a normal vape shop) but here comes a huge outcry of people dying and we must ban flavors immediately.  Are you kidding me?  Flavors had nothing to do with people dying, neither did vaping!  Black market vendors selling tainted pot did, and still, the majority of mainstream media isn't reporting that!  USA Today has been one of the few reporting the truth on this issue: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/08/28/critics-cdc-silent-vaping-thc-injuries-mount/2121523001/

Ask yourself why after these lies were told to the public almost immediately states like Michigan and New York started a ban?  There was no ethical reason to ask for one since nicotine vaping wasn't the culprit.  No, this is corruption that goes so deep it needs to be flushed out and the people responsible for deceiving the American public should be held accountable!  Research for yourself.  Like I said, even if you HATE vaping, no one should stand by while they destroy an entire industry over lies and slander!

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