Thursday, September 5, 2019

Michigan Governor Infringes on Rights of Adult Vapers!

Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D) declared a public health emergency this week for those who use e-cigarettes and banned flavored vaping products.  This gross overreach of power must be stopped immediately, and we are calling for all vaping advocates to stand together and fight this action.  This type of power play is an afront to adults all over the United States, making this not a Michigan only issue, but a United States Citizen issue.  Infringing on the rights of adults to choose what type of smoking cessation they find works for them and banning flavored products when it’s illegal for minors to obtain them demands recourse!

For non-vaping individuals, this concerns you as well.  Prohibition of any kind should be fought against because history has shown us exactly what happens.  It is a well-known fact that smoking combustible cigarettes kills over 400,000 people a year in the United States alone.  For those of age that remember life before vaping, non-flavored cigarettes were readily consumed, and it stands to reason that underage youth will turn back to that even if all vaping products were removed from consumer use.  Tears of Crimson does not condone underage vaping, or consumption of any product meant for adult use only. We do believe since laws already exist against underage vaping that you have no rights to ban a product due to lack of upholding existing laws for law-abiding adults.

As stated earlier, this is a gross overreach of power and Governor Whitmer must be held accountable for her actions.  We do not have a communist government and no person has the right to shut down businesses geared toward adults choosing to use flavored nicotine products as an effort to stop smoking combustible cigarettes.  Small businesses will be forced to close their doors if flavored e-liquid is banned. We at Tears of Crimson, are demanding an immediate reversal to this so-called health emergency and furthermore demand that Governor Whitmer prove in a court of law that there is a scientific reason for such an emergency to be called for.  If she cannot give that proof, we request that she cease and desist immediately and be held in contempt for violating her authority in this manner.

We would be lax to not show that Michigan receives over nine hundred million dollars a year from taxes off combustible cigarettes and if people are vaping and not smoking those tax dollars would significantly decrease.  This information can be found here State ofMichigan Revenue.   These facts might have something to do with the current ban and should be researched so that you can come to your conclusion about how this might be incorporated.

We must hold our government accountable for their actions, to not do so means that they have the right to remove freedoms from adults on any action they deem worthy.  That is not a democracy, it’s nothing more than tyranny.   It’s worthwhile to note that according to the 2017 CDC Statistics report for Michigan the leading causes of death were 1. Heart Disease 2. Cancer and 3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease.  All of which can be associated with combustible cigarette smoking, not vaping.  It seems reasonable to believe that if an emergency health action was to be called out it would be cigarettes and not flavored e-liquid.  We encourage you to flood Governor Whitmer’s office with calls about her recent decision. Contact information can be found below.

Contact Governor Gretchen Whitmer:  

          Governor Gretchen Whitmer
          P.O. Box 30013
          Lansing, Michigan 48909

          517-335-7858 (Constituent Services)

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