Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Freedom. Banning Adult Products Is Not The American Way!

Banning adult products because children have used them is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.  Alcohol, cigarettes, could be next.  Your gun rights after that.  This is a dangerous slope we're sliding down and the brakes need to be put on immediately.  Let's start with facts.  Not one single death or illness has scientifically been linked to vaping nicotine products.  Not one.  Let that sink in, because the doom and gloom we are hearing from the media is that nine people have died.  Nine people probably have died, but they have not tied one of those cases to nicotine vaping.  Period.  That story ends there.  What they THINK happened to those people, was they were using illegal, black market, THC product (you know bought off a street corner) that contained some form of Vitamin E Acetate (and oil that would NEVER be used in a regulated vaping nicotine product).

I'll let the experts talk to you about what they believe the real reason is behind this vaping flavor ban, and believe me it has nothing to do with "saving children" and everything to do with money. You can read that here: MSA And Fake Vaping Epidemic  I want to share a different message here.  If an adult chooses to use vaping as their smoking cessation choice and it includes flavors, then no person in the government has the right to infringe on that choice.  Period.  End of story. 

As an American adult, I expect my freedom to do things I choose and decide what not to do of my own free will.  That could be choosing to own a firearm or not, flying my flag, vaping what I choose, praying to my God, drinking an alcoholic beverage if that's what I want.  I will not allow the government to infringe on my rights as an adult because children have broken the law.  Using children has been a political "go-to" anytime they couldn't use something else to work, and enough is enough.  It is NOT the government's place to raise children.  That old saying if you don't raise your children the prison system will, that's about as accurate as it can get.  Fine the parents, fine the adult that bought adult products the same way we do with smoking cigarettes and alcohol, but don't you dare tell me you're going to take away my adult right to vape flavors if I choose to do so.

If you need to think about children, think about the 480,000 adults who die from smoking every single year in the United States and how many of their parents will die tomorrow because an adult right was taken away from them.  An estimated 1,300 adults die every single day in this country from smoking cigarettes.  For the government to step in on vaping with those death tolls of tobacco already being proven true, you have to ask yourself why they are stepping on vaping and not smoking. Follow the money on that one.  But you know what, if an adult chooses to smoke, that's their right too! 

Basically, this comes down to the freedom of adults to make their own choices.  If you don't stand up against this banning of vaping or vaping flavors, then when your gun, your bible, your beer, and any other freedom comes up in the question of a ban, then remember you sat down and did nothing while adults were losing the freedom of choice.  One day the thing banned might be something you enjoy.

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