Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Ultimate Predator - Liz Cavalier

Liz Cavalier - Swamp People

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with vampires, or paranormal for that matter, but it does have some Louisiana Flair!  I've become utterly obsessed with this show, Swamp People and well, Gator's have fangs?  Humor me here, because I just have to give some kudos to my favorite Gator Hunter Elizabeth.  This lady makes sure those Gators know just who's Queen of the food chain out in the Bayou! 

When I watched this lady pull in a 1,000 pound Gator, she earned my respect in a big way.  I'll admit it, I was watching between my fingers, because I just knew this Gator was going to come back to life and attack.  Troy might be running the show, but Elizabeth has definitely got my vote for coolest person, no offense Troy!  It's been great watching a female show the men how it's done!  Sorry guys, but it's nice to see a lady win for a change.  I just have to say I have a new hero and her name is Liz!

I can't wait for Thursday nights, and okay Vampire Diaries comes on first but Swamp People is right after it and that's leads for some great entertainment.  This show has completely blown me away and you can color me a Swamp People Obsessed fan!  If you haven't had the chance to watch this yet (and I'm going to assume you live further out in the country than I do, if that's the case), you should follow the links below and find out just how much fun you've been missing!

Michelle Hughes - Author

Here's some links to find out more about Swamp People which airs on the History Channel.

History Channel:

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