Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Time at Tears of Crimson

It's that time of year again, yes the Tears of Crimson staff is taking a vacation!  Please don't be upset, we promise to be back after July 18th with great things to keep your interest peaked.  Imagine trying to get all these vampires, werewolves and sexy humans on the same page for a vacation, it's been insane!  Our facebook, twitter, and other social hangouts will probably be a little slow until the 18th, but you never know we might pick up the iPad and drop in from time to time.

This year has already been so busy for the TOC staff that we felt a vacation was warranted.  With two new books still due out (10 Nights and the third Tears book) we knew if we didn't get that break now, it just wasn't going to happen at all.  Late August and October will probably have us in a nuthouse, so ya'll make sure to send cards and flowers when they bring out the straight jackets.  The little vampires have been on the warpath, destroying electronics so the community laptop is out of commission until after the vacation.  We were mighty impressed with the new bookbook cover from MacBook Pro, so who knows, we might finally convert finally to the Apple at the TOC mansion.

We hope all our friends enjoyed their July 4th celebrations, if you have photo's of fireworks please send them in we'd love to share.  And pictures of BBQ's, not sure why but the vampires around here really love them.  You'd think fires, human food and vampires wouldn't go well together, right?

While we're enjoying our down time, we hope you're enjoying whatever it is you're going to be doing.  If you stop in the TOC mansion, make sure to clean up after any parties.  The last time we left, we came back to a horrible mess.  Oh btw, vampires, yeah we know which one of you did it!  So this year, seriously, no kegs in the pool, bloody victims in the parlor, and above everything else, no taking clothes out of Cara's wardrobe.  She might seem all nice and innocent, but mess with her clothes and we all have to deal with her moody vampire ways!  Dealing with Gabe is bad enough!

Have a great week guys, be safe!  Much love from all the Tears of Crimson Staff!  Hey if you can sell some books for us while we're gone, we'll be forever grateful!  

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