Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sexual Fantasies...hmmm

Everyone has them, those sexual fantasies that you think about but have never had the nerve to tell another living soul.  Come on admit it, there's one dark one hiding in there!  What you might consider completely taboo, another person may think of as inconsequential.  Over the years people have seemed to open up more about what is accepted in society sexually.  Some would say that's a wonderful thing, while others would say it has been the downfall of society.  Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on with that argument, it's very apparent that as a race we've had sexual fantasies for as long as time has existed.

A fantasy that we recently ran across was enough to inspire this blog post.  At Tears of Crimson, we don't like using the word strange, so we'll say this one is somewhat different.  Agalmatophilia - Attraction to a doll, statue, or similar figure.  Okay and if you are thinking of a blow up doll that's not completely um different, but thinking of a stone statue and sex, well that was a new one for us. One can only ask if that movie Mannequin, had some true background to it.  Apparently a person with this particular attraction doesn't just get aroused from the statue, but wants to imagine doing sexual things to it.

So that's our new sexual fantasy for the day.  Have you come across any sexual fantasies that are somewhat out of the norm?  We'd love to hear about them!  We'll be bringing you all the latest ones as we find them, and with all these devious vampires, I'm sure we can dig up a few!

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