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Brandy Dorsch - All Hallows Eve Tour


Brandy Dorsch

We at Tears of Crimson fell in love with Brandy Dorsch’s new series Everlasting Hunger!  When the opportunity came around to be a part of the All Hallows Eve Tour, we knew exactly who we wanted to sponsor!  You can visit this link for our debut of this phenomenal new vampire series.  We were so pleased that Brandy agreed to an interview, and can’t express how excited we are to share more about this incredible Author!

Tears of Crimson Interview with Brandy Dorsch

TOC:  Welcome back to Tears Brandy!  Everlasting Hunger really blew us away.  So tell us, when will the second book in this series come to life?

Brandy:  Thanks for having me back to TOC!  I have seriously missed you guys!  I am currently working hard on book two of the series which I have tentatively named, Wicked Desire.  You guys get to learn that first!  I am hoping to have it out around the first of the year but sooner if the Muse moves me.  I will have a short story in an anthology called The Stroke of Midnight, come out on December 26th.  It will involve the characters from Everlasting Hunger.

TOC:  Halloween is a great time to discuss all our favorite immortal creatures.  Why do you think vampires have become the hottest trend of them all?

Brandy:  Honestly because they are sexy as hell and live forever!  Vampires draw on the things that we fear the most such as growing old, disease or fading looks and make them vanish.  The vampires have become such a hot trend because they are beautiful creatures with desire, wealth, danger and a sexual energy that draws people to them.  I think most people see past the call of blood to the desire for immortality.

TOC:  I don’t want to give too much away for those who haven’t read the book, but where did you come up with the idea of humans being drinks? 

Brandy:  I wrote EH during National Novel Writing Month last year.  I spent the first week of November writing utter garbage.  It made no sense at all.  My youngest son, Xander, asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was writing a book but I didn’t know what to write about.  He told me to write about what I enjoy reading.  He was right.  I started writing what came to mind and but couldn’t figure out how to make my characters different.  Xander asked me if I wanted a drink, a light bulb went off and my Drinks were born.

TOC:  Over the years we’ve seen a transformation in vampires from horrifying monsters into sexy desirous creatures that everyone wants to find.  Which do you think in the real world would be closer to the truth?

Brandy:  I think that if they were horrifying monsters they would have been found out a long time ago.  It seems to me that they would have to be able to blend in with us in order to survive for as long as they have.  We have seen over the centuries that some people don’t like those that are different so they would have found ways to intertwine their lives and culture with ours.

TOC:  Tell us a little more about your book, Everlasting Hunger.  Was it based on legends or just your own personal desire of what the vampire community could be like?

Brandy:  This book was all for me.  When I wrote it I never had any intention of publishing it.  Some amazingly talented folks read it and encouraged me to put it out there.  We all have to start somewhere.

TOC:  When you were writing Everlasting Hunger was there one thing that seemed to drive your creativity more?

Brandy:  Music.  Music seems to decide what and how I write.  I actually had chapters that flowed with whatever I was listening to.  

TOC:  Tell us a little more about your main characters in the book and how you feel they work within the story.

Brandy:  First of all, my characters answer to themselves and they make no apologies for it.  Ian Lochlan is CEO of Lochlan Medical and happens to be the oldest vampire in the Mid-west region.  He runs things and is co-owner of the vampire bar, Everlasting Hunger.  Vampires have come out in my society but there are always people who don’t like change.  Jasper is Ian’s right hand man and the general manager at the bar.  Ian turned Jasper and the guys have been together for over four hundred years.  Ellie Dawson is the HR manager at Lochlan Medical and has had a crush on Ian.  These three make up the core of the first book but there are more characters that add to the action.  Ian believes that Ellie is his Hunger Mate which is the term used to describe the person who can quench the never-ending thirst that vampires face.  A human can satisfy them temporarily but it is not the same satisfaction received from someone that is bonded to them.  Hunger Mates can speak to each other telepathically, sense emotions and the sex is off the charts!

TOC:  If you had to choose one character out of your book that could make you give up your immortal soul, which would it be and why?

Brandy:  Jasper.  When I started writing the book, I had no intention of his character going in the direction it went but he wanted to be a bigger part of the story and I rolled with it.  He was willing to risk everything and there is just something about that that makes my toes quiver.  His passion, heart and sexiness is enough for me to give up my soul for. J

TOC:  How about the ultimate question.  Do you think vampires exist and would you take the bite of immortality if offered?

Brandy:  Who am I to say they don’t exist?  There is so much in this world we still haven’t discovered yet.  I would like to believe that they are.  If I was given the choice of immortality I would take it.  There is so much that I want to see and do in this world and one lifetime is not enough.

TOC:  As always, we love having you at Tears, Brandy.  Is there anything else you want to let us know about your work before we set you free?

Brandy:  If you have read Everlasting Hunger, please feel free to leave a review.  The thoughts and advice from readers helps us figure out what we need to work on or where to take the next story.  Thank you so much for having me and I can’t wait to visit again!

Find out more about Brandy Dorsch and Everlasting Hunger


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