Monday, October 14, 2013

Illuminati - The True Call of Souls

"You're just letting your work stress you out."  That's what I was told by a few family members when I expressed the strange occurrence that happened to me last week.  It made sense.  I'd been putting in hours of research into the occult for the book that I just released, Call of Souls.  Believe me when I say it was much easier to accept that train of thought (I was stressed over work) than that I was being warned to not continue going down this path.  About a year ago I  started working on a book for celebrity blood oaths.  That book never saw the light of day because I started having horrific nightmares about things that would happen in my life if I pursued the topic.

I consider myself a reasonable person.  I know that might sound a little strange considering that I write about paranormal romance and I spend a lot of  time writing fiction.  All that being said, I'm a mother of five and a wife, so reality knocks on my door twenty four hours a day to keep me grounded.  What happened last week felt like a wake up call.  As in, hey you can keep sticking your head in the sand but that's not going to change what's going on around you.  If something can break through my well-ordered life and make that big of an impression on me, how can I ignore it?

Even now writing this post, I'm trying to talk myself out of going forward with this revelation.  I've seen how people turn their noses up at things they don't understand.  Deep in my gut though, I know this is something I can't run away from.  The dreams won't stop and that little voice of reason keeps telling me that I can make a difference.  What's a little fear compared with the possibility that someone might wake up and see the truth?  I know there are those that won't believe what I'm about to share, and maybe some that will say it really is just the stress of doing so much research, but I think it's something bigger.

So what happened last week to completely change my mind?  I was cleaning my house (I know that in itself is a job so horrendous it could have inspired the reaction) when I felt drawn to my living room.  When I say drawn I mean physically pulled there by energy, forces, or whatever you would like to label it.  I really don't have a clue what compelled me to follow those instincts.  So I find myself standing in the center of the room, making a triangle formation with my hands and then almost in military formation turning to face the four corners one at a time.  

When this formation was complete I was overwhelmed with a huge surge of energy that moved throughout my entire body.  Obviously it terrified me and I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes as I tried to understand what the hell I was doing.  When I got over the strangeness of the situation, I sat down on my couch and attempted to reason out why I felt the need to do something like that.  I couldn't come up with an explanation so I started researching on google what the symbol signified.  When it finally occurred to me that I'd seen that symbol in the research I'd done last year for the book I never released, it floored me.

I didn't tell anyone about the experience for a few days.  To be honest I didn't want to to think that my stress level was so high I was losing it.  When I called my mom, she had the same opinion I did, I was just working to hard and all my research was overwhelming me.  That made sense at the time.  I published Call of Souls on the 11th and I assumed that would end the strange thoughts going through my mind about the incident. The problem is, it hasn't.  

Instead of things getting better, they are getting worse.  My mind has been inundated with these images of the Illuminati and celebrity blood oath sacrifices.  Don't even get me started on the dreams.  If these are indeed visions of things to come, let me just say that the idea terrifies me.  For example the US being under Marshall Law because of rioting in the streets, people fleeing their homes due to fear of being rounded up and placed in containment camps for being patriots, the Republicans and Democrats starting a new civil war, and all of the celebrities choosing sides to further the rebellion being used as puppets by the government.

A psychiatrist would probably say that I'm letting all these media things pile on top of the stress of being a mom, wife and author and who knows, maybe they're right.  All I know is that the things I'm visualizing in my mind terrify me and since that incident in my living room those thoughts won't shut off.  The one thing that continues to speak through all the thoughts is the Illuminati.  My husbands grandmother was a true believer of this (not sure what you label them) group.  My own grandmother believed that something other-worldly was coming before her death.  Who's to say they didn't see more than we do?

On my Call of Souls site I've added many Illuminati videos that you can watch and make your own assesment about the truth.  The one that resonated with me the most, is below.

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