Monday, November 18, 2013

Bloggers and Reviews - We Need Pimps!

Don't look at me that way!  You know I wouldn't ask unless I felt I couldn't live without it!  Trust me it won't hurt at all (unless you want it to) and you'll be doing a favor that will be returned anytime you ask.  Seriously what's better than an open ended favor that you can hold over my head?

If you'll look follow this link it will take you to the Cara blog and you'll see a tab called Whores and Pimps (Honestly I know you want to look!).  The link will take you to a sign up for the release of Whore and we would like to get reviewers and bloggers on the feather bed.  Since we're pulling out the new Pen Name, it's going to take a lot of word of mouth to let people know what's going on.  Now I know I've got friends out there that know how to use that mouth!

So what am I trying to talk you into?  A review if you've got time, a excerpt of the book  if you don't (that I'll even create for you if you need it), and just word of mouth to your other friends that Cara Faith Donovan is putting out a book called whore.  See I told you it wouldn't be painful!  If you're a blogger then please follow the link to Whore and Pimps to sign up and if you'd just like to help spread the word and need to know more you can send an email to  (Just no lewd requests for naked pictures, my hubs gets a little ticked about those).  If you'd like to host a guest post drop me a line too, I give good blog I'm told (winks).

You can check out the goodreads link on the top right for more information about Whore and please add it to your TBR (to be read) shelf.  I'm getting rather good at wearing the pimp hat if i do say so myself!  Lots of love your way and I appreciate you working it for me!

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