Friday, November 15, 2013

Feel Like You've Lost Your Mind? Click Here!

We haven't exactly pulled out the little white jackets yet but we're close!  Holy sin someone explain why we needed to do everything so close to the holidays!  At Tears of Crimson we love a challenge but WOW! Giving birth to a new pen name, participating in NaNoWriMo, creating two new websites, and trying to format the book coming out in two weeks?  Yeah I think a little insanity might be in order.  Mix that in with our daily responsibilities and you've got One Crazy Month!  November will be known from now on as the time that we almost lost it.

On the positive side, the new cover is done and so is the website and Nook early previewed the book and has it on sale now!  Don't ask it's a long story and our brains are too tired to explain!  Does it sound like we're trying to pull the pity card?  We're not but if you have some sympathy, feel free to head over to Goodreads and add Whore to your reading list!

While you're at it, spreading the word that Cara Faith Donovan is the new name for books wouldn't hurt either!  On a serious note this is all part of the fun of publishing.  What's a great book without a little hair pulling out, banging your head on the desk, or feeling callouses on your fingers from all the love you put into it?  Not much!

We haven't had time (okay maybe we just forgot) to hook up with bloggers for a release day blitz.  If you've got a blog and would like to help us out there, please send an email to Michelle.  We're glad to send Kindle, Nook, or PDF version for review prior to release date if you've got a blog!

So that's what we're doing this week.  Feel like you've lost your mind?  Come share your insanity with us in comments!

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