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In case you haven't noticed, insert sarcasm here, we're getting ready to debut a new book from the Tears of Crimson Library.  It's #ALLABOUTJACK, that's the hashtag you can follow on twitter as we get him ready for release day. What the heck, Michelle aren't you still preparing for the Virtual Blog Tour for Fantasy's?  Why yes, yes I am, but like the headline reads, You don't know Jack.  He's an impatient, overbearing, granted sexy as sin man, who wasn't willing to wait to have his ego stroked!

You think I'm kidding?  Let me just go ahead and tell you I'm not!  This smug bastard has implanted himself in my mind and refused to let me think of little else.  Normally I take a break between books, you know so my head doesn't explode and stuff?  But NO!  Jack wouldn't shut up.  He just had to get his time in the spotlight without care for anything other than his needs!  Just wait, you'll get it!  So who the hell is Jack, and why should you care?  I've been asking myself that same question and man let me tell you, he has NO problem telling you exactly why he's going to rock your world! Instead of me explaining, he can tell you himself.

Who am I?  (chuckles deeply)  Jack Duncan of course.  Unless you've been living under a rock for the last five years, you've heard my name.  To put it simply, I'm whomever I tell you I am.  Some see that as egotistical, but since my company pulled in
close to 2.5 billion dollars last year, I truly don't care what people think.  What I want, I get.  It's just that black and white.  Sure, there have been those that thought they could resist my demands, but ask them in the end who won.  I did.  And why?  Because I don't take no for an answer.

You want to play in my world?  Then you play by my rules.  If you don't, I promise at any given time there are hundreds of you's out there willing to take your place.  Unless I've deemed you worthy, I  won't lose a minutes sleep if you decide you can't handle the intensity required to be a part of the empire that is all Jack! That's right, I do talk about myself in the third person, or the first or second.  Have a problem with that?  It's not mine, it's yours.  You'll learn.

Okay Jack, back up just a minute.  I get that you think you're all that, but surely there's someone in your life that doesn't bow down and kiss your ass?

You think?  The only people not bowing down, kissing my ass as you so eloquently put it, are the ones that I either: A) Have already shown  how incompetent they are and are most likely still reeling from having me wipe the floor with their remains.  Or B) Falling under my well constructed plans and don't have a clue that they will be kneeling at my feet before I'm done with them.  There truly is only black and white in my world. The only variation is the one I'm allowing, and believe me if I'm doing the grey, it's because I know that sooner or later they'll fall into place.

I think if you weren't so sexy, people would figure out what a true son of a bitch you truly are.

Do I detect a little jealousy there?  Don't worry when I'm finished putting my plan in action, maybe I'll give you a night with me.  That's really what the issue is here, isn't it?  I know how much you want me, what woman wouldn't?  Maybe if you beg nicely, I'll fit you in sooner.

Screw you Jack!  I hear you're being taken off the market.  Does your newest little fling have any idea what she's getting into?

Like I said, make an appointment.  I don't know what you've heard, to be honest I don't care, but if you're referring to Emily?  Let's just say she's special.  All she needs to know about me is what I decide to tell her. Emily has something I want and doesn't play in the same circles.  That's all you need to know about her.  Just so you understand, I don't like it when people interfere with my personal business.  For your sake, I'd drop any interest you might have in her.  This meeting is over.  And just so we're very clear, I think it's best you don't return.

What's wrong Jack?  Has someone finally gotten underneath that cold blooded skin of yours?

You're treading on very thin ice here.  I'm sure you know the way out, so why don't you find it.  My secretary will validate your parking, but just so we're clear?  Start digging around for information about Emily and you'll never work in this country again.  Remember I don't make threats lightly.

That was my very short, but intense interview with billionaire business mogul,  Jack Duncan.  Believe me it wasn't something I'd like to repeat.  To his favor, the man is drop-dead gorgeous, but he has enough ego for three men and obviously became very touchy when I touched on the topic of his new girlfriend.

As a journalist, you knew I had to follow up with the newest flavor in his life.  I'll post the results from that interview soon.  Believe me when I say getting her alone was the greatest feat of my career.  Jack is very protective of this girl and the story will blow your mind!

You don’t know Jack, yet.  Once you do he’s impossible to forget.  He’s a ruthless, cold-hearted son of a bitch, and that’s just in the boardroom. Jack is also devilishly handsome, has a magnetic personality, and an ability to make you forget any reason you might have to deny him.

I met him on a whim, a simple woman who wanted the experience of meeting a billionaire for no other reason than to say I’d done so.  To my good fortune, or lack thereof, he saw something in me that piqued his interest.  I was enthralled from the first moment he said my name.

Like I said, you don’t know Jack, yet.  What he wants, he gets, and for some unfathomable reason, he wanted me.  Jack said I was untainted, someone he could mold into his version of perfection.  Before I understood what that meant, it was too late.  When a man like Jack decides you’re his, all you can do is hope to survive the aftermath of whatever plans he has.    Read the Excerpt!

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