Thursday, July 30, 2015

I write Virgins and Strong Alpha Males, and refuse to apologize for it

I received an interesting letter from a reader the other day and I decided to answer it publicly.  She wanted to know why all my books contained virgins, and I thought it was a fair question.  The truth is, that's my kink. Paranormal, BDSM, Contemporary Romance or whatever flavor, if I write it, then you can expect there to be some sweet innocent young woman walking into her first sexual encounter. I grew up reading Bodice Rippers, where innocence was usually a given, but that idea somehow flew out the window in most contemporary novels.  Personally I'd love to see it back. What do you do when you can't find the books you want to read?  Write your own!

My idea of a hot fantasy is having a naive young woman getting her mind blown by a sexy alpha male. I'll read those books if I run across them, and pretty much leave a story unsatisfied if they don't. It's romance, not real life so in my world of happily ever after I want the goods to be untainted at least on her end.   Plenty of writers are out there fulfilling the need for strong confident women who know what they want in the bedroom, that's just not my style.  Heck, if you run across a book with a sweet innocent woman involved, send me a buy link, I'm on it!

As readers and writers, we all have certain things that speak to us.  This is mine.  I'm off to see what devious things I can pull together for my next innocent lady.  Check back later to see how it goes.

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