Friday, July 10, 2015

#Werewolves Called me a Bitch and I liked it!

 68,782 words in ten days, counts as an obsessive writing habit, wouldn't you say?  I can't stop writing these Phantom Wolves.  They pull me out of a dead sleep, throw their story at me when I'm driving down the road, and just when I think I can finally slow down, the next idea pops in and I'm back at it again!  I love my readers, let me just say that upfront because I don't want to offend anyone, but this series?  It's become my obsession!  I'm having dreams about these Alpha Males coming into my house, and if I see a guy on a bike driving down the road?  Wonder if he likes werewolves? Intervention, maybe?  Honestly I haven't had a book consume my soul like this in well, forever!

Is it my best writing?  Couldn't say, but I do know it's sexy.  I've had to stop writing several times because it turned me on, which I probably shouldn't mention, but no mouth filter.  My friend, Roxie Ferguson loves shifter books, so I decided to write her one.  Um, hello friend, I do believe you put the curse of howling on me, because they still won't let me stop!  Let me explain a little more about the insanity.  The first book released on June 18, 2015 and I just finished the third one, well rough draft anyway and it's July 10th!    On average I'm penning almost 7,000 words a day with this series.

There's something seriously hot to me about the concept of werewolves locking up when they mate.  Does that make me a perv?  Don't answer that!  Or do but leave out the perv part!  In case that wasn't enough warning, these books are VERY sexual.  As in I'm not sure any of them think with anything other than their body parts *gigglesnorts*  eventually hearts follow because ya know, gotta have my happily ever after ending.  Oh, and Virgins, because I happen to like a sweet innocent woman being taken by a strong alpha male, and hey werewolves are the ultimate in Alpha!  Right?  Seriously just agree because you can't change my mind.

So what's next?  More of course.  Already plotting out the next book which has some really hot men in it, duh!  Kinda stoked about this next book because I get to play with more stuff.  Oh yeah, there's a lot of toy play in these books, because well it's a fantasy and I wanted to push it to the limit.  So ready for that intervention yet?  The way I see it, either hop on board with this crazy werewolf fetish I can't stop thinking about, or mark me down as a lost cause.  Either way I'm going to write them until they stop screaming in my head.

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This is Brett, by the way.  You'll meet him in book three, but his real story is revealed in book four.  Ask me again why I'm obsessed?  I mean seriously look at the gorgeous man.  How could you not want to write his story?

  He's a very intriguing character, a little overwhelming, okay a lot, but you'll love him for it.  I'd love to say he enjoys long walks in the park, but the truth is he really just likes down and dirty sex, but I guess he'd be okay with doing that while you're at the park, so a compromise.  

See what a great guy he is!  I hope you'll fall in love with him the way I have. If you don't, that's okay too because I really am fine keeping him to myself.  I mean, once again, look at him!  What was that old saying?  "He can eat crackers in my bed any day of the week."  Think that was it.  


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