Monday, August 31, 2015

Vaping! You can stop smoking!

NicQuid - Premium Eliquid

Hey folks, Michelle here, and I wanted to share something with you today that has seriously changed my life for the better.  As a 25 year smoker who has attempted to quit hundreds of times, I finally found something that worked, Vaping!  I don't normally do product endorsements on my page, but this was such a positive experience for me, that I felt I had to share! Thanks to a wonderful friend and author, I was turned on to this e-cig idea, and would like to give D.R. Yurkas my thanks!  She has an ebook on the subject if you'd like to check it out I'll list that info below.

I'll be honest, I'd tried those e-cig you pick up in the store next to the real cigarettes, and they just didn't do it for me.  The setup Dawn recommended was completely different.  The truth is I enjoy the new vape kit more than I do smoking which was HUGE for me.  I'll share that setup with you, but before I do I want to talk a little more about it.  The biggest problem with nicotine patches and gums was it didn't stop the problem of needing something in my hands, so I always went back to the real thing again.  With vaping, I discovered I didn't need to fight off the urge to put something in my mouth, it allowed me that satisfaction.

This all started with a hospital scare on August 7th for me.  I was admitted to the  hospital after coming to the ER with shortness of breath.  Being diagnosed with COPD wasn't a big shock because I was a Respiratory Tech for seven years, and knew where my smoking habit would eventually lead. Even with that knowledge, I found it impossible to quit!  As a mom of five kids, being told this habit would eventually kill me was finally the wake-up call I needed to make a life changing decision.  I wanted to be there to see my children grow up and meet all my grandchildren some day!  The Hospital started me on Nicotine patches and I was MISERABLE!

Any long term smoker will tell you fighting off the craving for the need to smoke is like fighting your will to take the next breath.  No matter what you do, it's always in the back of your mind how great it would be just to take ONE MORE PUFF.  I've never done hard drugs, but I imagine smoking is right up there with other things almost impossible to quit on your own!  Vaping is different!  Before you roll your eyes, thinking I'm just blowing smoke up your backside, I encourage you to give the setup I'm using a try!  It might just be the difference YOU need to finally put down that pack of smokes!!!

I use the IStick with an Aerotank and use tobacco flavored eJuice. For me, this is about as close to smoking as you can get without doing the real thing.  There are so many flavors out there that you can try if tobacco isn't yours.  My personal suggestion as a long time ex-smoker though, is to start there until you get your craving for the next cig under control.  The iStick charges just like your phone, which makes it easy to use.  

The Aerotank is where your eJuice goes, and this is what mine looks like.  I am still using a Nicotine blend, but taking it down in steps until I'm completely nicotine free.  Whether or not you do that is completely up to you of course.  For me this is the solution I've been waiting for! I have friends that enjoy the pens better, but for me this choice was what I wanted.  

A huge question for me, and I'm sure for you as well, is vaping safer than smoking real cigarettes?  

You can read the article here on the Guardian:
Switch! from Smoking to Electronic Cigarettes with this Consumer Guide for smokers. Learn how to choose battery styles, e-liquids, and your nicotine level. Includes Full Color Photos and pricing information to save you time and money.  This is my friend, D.R. Yurkas book on switching to Electronic  Cigarettes.  Which you can purchase on Amazon here:  If you have Kindle Unlimited this book is free, if not  you can pick it up for 0.99

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