Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#HUNKS Get yours today with Dane and Michelle Hughes

Are you ready for #HUNKS because Dane is waiting for you!  It's release day and there are six gorgeous hunks waiting to share a sexy fine dining experience with you.  We didn't say what they'd be dining on though, so you'll have to visit and find out!

BLURB:  I’m your fantasy.  The man you want in your bed, the lover you’ll masturbate over long after I’ve gone, and the dream that leaves your panties wet making you crave just one more touch.  Tonight I can be yours.  It won’t mean anything except hot, pounding, mind blowing sex, but you don’t care.  Each breath you catch, every moan you let slip, I pull you deeper into my world of lust.  I want to serve you, maybe dinner or if you’re lucky something more fulfilling.  Walk through these doors and reality slips away.  This is my playground.  So tell me.  Are you ready for a HUNK?

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iTune:                        https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1027235789
Kobo:                         http://bit.ly/HunksKobo
Paperback:                https://www.createspace.com/5658249

Dane – Book 1 of HUNKS:  Behind every hunk is a story.  How much will you risk to go all the way? 


“Fuck me, Dane.  Show me how good you are.” Wrapping my hands under her tight ass I sank my cock balls deep and rode her hard and fast, the groan of pleasure I expected escaping right on time.  “God!  Yes! Just like that.”
I was a god when I fucked, and my balls tightened in that familiar preparation of release.  Pumping in and out, the condom caught my load and I felt her flesh squeeze and retract as her orgasm flooded my dick. She’d remember this as the best night of her life, I’d be lucky to remember her face. Straining into her, she milked me dry and a grunt of pleasure bellowed from my lips.  My dick shriveled and I flopped on my back, catching my breath a few minutes before standing up to discard the evidence.
Giving her a wink, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  Women expected no cuddling session when we finished, they wanted the image. The man who made them cream their pants when I served them dinner or put on a personal show for the right price in our private rooms.  I’m not gay, so I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the fucking, but it was all hollow.  I couldn’t remember the names of the women that filled my bed, even the ones that made multiple visits.  They were just pussy, a way to bust a nut mostly.
Years ago when I had a conscious it bothered me, but the women that came my way used me way more than I used them.  I was the pretty eye candy they wanted hanging on their arm to impress their friends, or the fantasy to fulfill their deviant needs.  Their Hunk.  All of it was smoke and mirrors.  They didn’t know jack shit about me, and I knew even less about them.
The busty little blonde I’d just screwed, climbed in with me taking the soap to clean me up.  I let her.   “I can’t stay.  My husband will wonder where I am.” 
        I just smiled, knowing it didn’t matter what I said anyway and let her finish soaping my six pack abs.  Returning the favor ended up in another quickie against the tiled wall before she sailed out of my life like the dozens of others before her.  Once upon a time I’d craved a woman who could see past the exterior that had earned me more money than I could piss away in a lifetime.  I grew the fuck up. 

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Author Bio
Michelle Hughes live in Alabama with her husband Jarrod, and they have five children.  She was a singer/songwriter for twelve years and after hosting a televised talent showcase on the road decided to entertain in written word to raise a family.  Currently, Michelle has seventeen books published and many have been international bestsellers. 
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