Saturday, September 12, 2015

6 Sexy Sins - The Boxed Set by Michelle Hughes

Six sexy sins.  What’s your reading pleasure?  Enjoy this collection of sexy romances by bestselling author Michelle Hughes for a limited time.

Rude:  Sexy twin brothers. One owns her heart, the other makes her burn. Would it be rude to keep them both?

Dane: Dane – Book 1 of HUNKS: Behind every hunk is a story. How much will you risk to go all the way?

1st:  Billionaire playboy Seth Rubin always got what he wanted. It was usually handed to him on a silver platter. He wasn't expecting an innocent to fall into his lap, or her naivety to be such a turn on.

Seduced: Fantasy's Bar & Grill.  What goes on behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu!

Cherished:  Kneeling at his feet, handing over control, he asked one question. How far are you willing to go to be….Cherished.

Whore:  Can a virgin be a whore? That depends on your definition of the word.

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