Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fantasy's Bar & Grill - The Complete Series

This complete collection of Fantasy’s Bar & Grill includes: 


Fall in love with these sexy billionaires in the ménage series guaranteed to make all your fantasies come true! 

Seduced: Zoey Summers is desperate! After losing her job for refusing to sleep with her boss she's blacklisted from every legal firm in New York. The spineless little prick warned her she'd have to beg on bended knees to work in the city again, but it will be a cold day in hell! When she gets an interview with Fantasy's, Zoey's shocked that they want to hire her to make sexual fantasy contracts for their exclusive, membership-only club. Four infamous playboy billionaire bachelors known for their deviant exploits, own the Bar & Grill and she can't help but worry she's stepping out of one bad situation into another. 

Devoured: What happens when four gorgeous billionaires decide that you’re the woman they want? Is giving your heart to more than one man possible, or would it even be about love. In the second book of the Fantasy’s Bar & Grill series, Zoey realizes she wants more than just the few, but dream worthy, memories of their tropical adventure. Will she take a chance, and surrender her body to the passion they've ignited? 

Consumed: Miles prepares for a fantasy that is just as much his own as the woman who desired it. Can a virgin understand the concept of a sexual fantasy, and will Miles find he’s not as professional as he thought when living out a desire he’s had for a long time? Amber may look like a little pixie doll but she’s been waiting on this experience for a lifetime. 

Samson and Zoey are dealing with issues in their complicated relationship and things are reaching her tolerance level. Will she be strong enough to deal with any scenario that Samson throws her way, or decide that having him isn’t worth the limits he pushes her past? 

Leon helped Leif discover that there was more to sexuality than just heterosexual love, but can he take the next step and accept the relationship Leon craves for them to have? What happens when all your boundaries are exceeded? 

Through His Eyes: Cade Stellan. Billionaire, and closet pervert. He liked to watch. And I'm not referring to sporting events! He wanted a woman that he could control and unfortunately, I'd caught his attention. I say unfortunately because as much as I wanted to deny him, the price he offered proved that I could be bought. Why a man like him had to pay for anything would never make sense, nor would why he had chosen a person like me to fulfill those needs. As much as I wanted to turn him down, and prove to myself that my standards were higher, I knew I wouldn't. 

A world of passion awaits you on Fantasy Isle, the pleasure resort for adults. The Fantasy Isle book series, offer readers a stand-alone novel for each fantasy revealed. Playing off the Fantasy Bar & Grill Trilogy, Michelle Hughes welcomes you to a world of sensual temptations. Through His Eyes, is the debut book for Fantasy Isle and introduces readers into a voyeuristic mind set, with ménage undertones. 

Pure Sensation: The conclusion your heart has been yearning for! Leo and Leif (with a surprise introduction of Miles). 21-year-old Abigail Peterson had her entire life worked out until she walked in on her fiancé’ screwing away her future, literally. Blaming her for refusing to fulfill his needs, her self-confidence is destroyed and she’s promised to never trust another man again. When her best friend offers her a summer on a private island, it seems like the perfect place to forget the pain and work out the next steps of her shattered life. 

What her friend failed to mention is she’s set up Abigail with two of the hottest men on the planet and they hope to fulfill her every desire. She lost her ex by waiting for marriage, and wonders if maybe being a virgin isn’t as important as she once thought it was?

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