Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tears of Crimson World

Are  you an author, or an aspiring one?  Tears of Crimson is excited to offer new writers the opportunity to gain publicity and have a base story to work off of.  As the author you will keep all rights to your work while understanding the Tears of Crimson name is copyrighted to author Michelle Hughes and cannot be used without permission.  All Tears of Crimson World stories will be considered fan fiction based on the original book.  There is no fee required to write under this world, but there are a few rules:

1.  The Author agrees to use the template provided by Tears of Crimson and not alter the template except where the template requires additions.

2.  The Author agrees to submit all work prior to publication to Tears of Crimson for verification prior to publishing.  

3.  The Author understands that they are responsible for editing, and cover art (although Tears of Crimson may opt to help the author with cover art and editing at their discretion).  

4.  The Author agrees that they have read the original Tears of Crimson book (a copy can be requested free of charge) and that their work is based off the original work within.

5.  The Author acknowledges that new characters that play in the world are acceptable and original characters remain the work of the author.  The only characters copyrighted are the ones already in play in the original book, those will remain the property of Tears of Crimson and you are allowed to reference but not claim those characters.

6.  The Author understand they will be responsible for publishing their work under their own name and Tears of Crimson will simple promote works created under this world.

Those are the simple terms for authors interested in having their work promoted via the Tears of Crimson World.  Our main objective is to help authors get their name out and to continue sharing the world of Tears of Crimson.  To that end, Tears of Crimson will help these authors learn how to publish, ways to promote, and give suggestions on how to reach the audience they need to become a success.

To begin your journey as an author or supporter of Tears of Crimson World, sign up for the mailing list here:  http://eepurl.com/b5OKc9

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