Thursday, October 20, 2016

Helping Each Other - Ada Austen

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Joseph Chattoche is a long haired, sexy, Apache Native working on an assignment far from home, tormented by nightmares and guilt of his wife's recent death. Shannon Gallagher is looking for her one remaining relative and isn't pulling up her roots anytime soon. Can she let herself love a man that will leave her in a few months? Can he find the answers he needs to let his wife's spirit rest? Together, can they find a way to help each other and maybe even allow themselves to love again?

Ada Austen wrote her first novel at age seven. The main character was named Wednesday and played with headless dolls. As Ada grew up, she continued to be fascinated by strong characters, wherever she found them and also a love of writing.

Ada's first novel, Helping Each Other, was published in October 2016.  Her second novel, Better Late Than Never, is targeted for February 2017 release. Both novels are in the Native Romance Series. 
Ada lives in a small coastal town on the New Jersey shore. She walks daily at the ocean, collecting shells, beach glass and stories.
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