Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just One Kiss - Amelia Whitmore (Kindle Scout Winner)

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Sometimes hurtful remarks are easier to believe than the truth...

That's what Annie Holden realizes after her family belittles her weight and the hottest guy in high school--her first big crush--humiliates her in front of the entire senior class.

Fast-forward to now, Annie has left that insecure girl far behind as she starts her freshman year at college, or so she thought....

When she meets Brayden Clark, those old insecurities resurface with a vengeance.

Brayden's gorgeous, athletic, and confident. Basically, everything that Annie's not. Curvy girls like Annie don't date handsome jocks like Braydon. And falling for a guy like him is certainly not on her college to-do list. Because Annie has vowed to never fall in love again.

Being alone is safer for her fragile heart, and those walls surrounding it might be tough to break, but Brayden isn't giving up without a fight. Keeping him in the friend-zone won't be easy and Annie's resolve weakens each time they meet. Brayden brings out a side of Annie that she never knew existed...a girl she hardly recognizes--one that is beautiful and self-assured. If only Annie could see herself through his eyes.

Can one heart-melting kiss win her heart? And will it change both their lives forever?

About the Author:  Amelia Whitmore graduated as a librarian and has worked for a few years in one of the biggest libraries of her city, but her long lasting dream has always been to publish the stories she has been writing ever since she understood the meaning of love and romance. At the age of 26 years old, she finally managed to accomplish her dream

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