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Cathy Jackson - Yours to Love

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Recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, prominent YouTuber Maximillian Roselle finds himself a single father of two young children. Lonely and in pain, they cling to each other on the island of happiness he has created for them, longing for a wholeness they cannot voice.

When strong-willed, compassionate, and empathetic Ruthie Eden enters their world, hope for that wholeness is born. Her heart bleeds for Max's children and she is compelled to heal three broken hearts.

Slowly and cautiously Max weaves her into the fabric of their lives fearing she will compromise his trust, yet hoping she may be the healing balm his family needs.

About the Author

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I am a Midwestern Christian mother of three teenagers and a precocious ten-year-old. Reading is a passion of mine, but I adore writing. Some of the best people have been placed in my life to help me publish my books. They are a blessing and mean more to me than they will ever know.

Jennifer Harshman of has been my Editor for the last seven books. Opal Campbell of Videos by O. has designed all of my book teasers and trailers. Three of the most excellent Actors have come alongside my books, too: John Wells, a Multi-Award Winning Actor from Louisville, Kentucky; Tom Proctor, another Actor and Stuntman; and John Thomassen from New York.

It is my goal as an Author to write scenes that uplift and encourage along with making one feel the experience. I want readers to finish the books feeling hope, love, and happiness. To date, the books I have published are Inspirational (Christian) Romances but they have a Contemporary Romance feel to them.

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