Thursday, June 8, 2017

While They Watch - Sosie Frost & Lana Grayson

You don't belong here...
Unless you belong to me.

Duchess isn’t a club for girls like you.
It isn’t safe for those too innocent, too inexperienced.
Especially curious little virgins. 

But I can train you…
I can tease you. Teach you. 
Punish you.
I will show you the true meaning of pleasure.

Are you brave enough, pet?
There is one little catch.

This club caters to a very specific desire…
They will hear your every mew.
They will see your every tremble.
They will know exactly when I make you mine. 

You belong to me, little one.
And this is how I prove it.
When you offer me your innocence, I will take you…
While They Watch.

While They Watch is a sexy, new adult romance featuring an innocent former-musician struggling to find her place in the world after abandoning her dream of becoming a concert violinist. Fortunately, she meets a mysterious and dominating stranger who puts her back into the spotlight…but nothing could prepare her for his desired performance.

Warning: This novel is a taboo exploration of exhibitionism, light dominance, and the naughtiest of fantasies. The content may be too extreme/intense for some readers...

on June 2, 2017
Sexy, dark, intriguing. While they Watch is a book that takes you on so many twists and turns you're not sure what's coming next. I was blown away by the entire book. Frost is a new author to me, and I'm so very glad I found her. This is the way a bad boy romance should be. Well done!

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