Thursday, July 30, 2020

Censorship - Is America Turning Communist?

What is going on in America?  Since when have we decided that having an opinion that differs from others is now to be silenced?  A few days ago I posted two videos from the doctors speaking out against COVID and they were both removed from Youtube and Facebook.  Facebook also chose to label it as fake news and these medical professionals who obviously have more knowledge than the people running a social media company were blatantly disregarded because it didn't follow their ideas about the treatment of COVID.

If you don't see this as a HUGE problem, and complete censorship, then you might want to reevaluate how you view Freedom.  These physicians used hyrdroxychloroquine, zinc, and a z-pack on their patients, and claim that this course of treatment worked for those patients.  My question to you is if it worked on their patients, why would they call that fake news, and attempt to discredit these physicians who actually work in the medical field?

Physicians are allowed to talk about a vaccine that they are working on (and yes testing) on several test subjects, but it has no real world proof that it won't come back and cause all kinds of potential dangers later on.  I personally find that more disturbing than physicians using medications that have been successfully used for other purposes over the years and we have a track record of how it affects people versus a vaccine that hasn't been used for years and could potentially have horrific long term side effects.

The bottom line is, they have censored those physicians from speaking from their vast medical knowledge and attempted to silence any other opinion except we're working on a vaccine and that's what you should do even though we don't have years of testing behind it.  It's like this fantasy land idea where only those on the side of the vaccine idea have any ability to discuss things.  Attempting to discredit one of the physicians because of her cultural belief is also something we should seriously be looking at.

Point in case.  I worked with a physician (former respiratory technician) that in his country when there were ear infections, they punctured a small hole in the eardrum to release fluid.  In our medical community that is not a procedure that happens here.  Should we therefore determine that because he used that method in his country, where it was accepted, he wasn't a brilliant physician?  I say no.  While I can't say his opinion is right or wrong, because I haven't studied it, it was how they attempted things in their culture, and when he began practice in ours he didn't use the same tactics.

We are looking at different scenarios to tackle COVID and I find it reprehensible that these physicians were silenced, censored, ridiculed, for showing what was WORKING in their patients.  I would rather see physicians getting results and hear what is working than listen to what COULD work down the road if they even get a vaccine approved.  We are talking about people's lives here and I find censorship of ANY kid abhorrent!  As American you SHOULD feel the same way.

The blog post where they blocked the videos  is this the AMERICA YOU want to live in?  It certainly isn't mine! 

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