Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What if it's all true?

 Left Behind Movie on Prime

Many years ago I read this great book series by LaHaye/Jenkins that changed the way I saw the world.  Of course, these were fiction books, but they brought the book of Revelation to life and I'll be honest.  I actually left messages all around my house that if I suddenly disappeared with half the world, that this is what happened and how you could be saved during those seven years of Tribulation.  I think today more than ever, this needs to be talked about.  We finally have the technology to bring many things to life that we didn't have back then.  Whereas some people may see this as doom and gloom, I see it as a glorious prophesy that was written thousands of years ago coming true.  Whether you watch the movie for the entertainment value, or read the books, I hope it touches your heart they way it did mine.

Like I said, this is a fictional portrayal of the end days, but what it did for me was make me want to study the book of Revelation and Daniel, and it seriously changed my life.  I was struggling in my belief as a Christian in those days, and to this day I feel like I was pulled toward these books to change my mind.  I was studying metaphysics, Wicca, and things that were not the life God wanted for me and it brought my mindset back around to where it needed to be.  My challenge to you today, not matter what your religious affiliation or even if you have none, is to read the book, or watch the movie, and maybe, just maybe it will make you see things differently.

Our world is in such chaos right now, that I believe it's a wake up call from God to get your life in order.  That being said, I don't judge others that have a different believe system from me.  I've always left the judging to God, so I will love you no matter what you believe, or where you are at in your spiritual journey.  As a favor to me, I hope you'll at least give the book or the movie a chance, as I've given other books and religions a chance over the years.  Knowledge is a powerful thing either way.  This spoke to my heart today and I felt I needed to share.

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