Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Hours To Jump Start your Career - Self Publishing

There are few books that I will put my endorsement to when it comes to advice on self-publishing.  This is one of those few.  Take my advice and put the methods in this book to work for you. 8 hours of your time is all it takes. No book can promise to make your book a bestseller, but this book can give your book the opportunity to shine and have the best chance possible. If you've read other self-help books on promotion and discovered that they haven't helped you obtain your goals, you might be a little worried about trying another. I know that the ideas listed here have helped my sales tremendously, and while I can't promise they will work for you I can tell you they definitely can't hurt. We as authors pour our hearts and souls into our books, doesn't your book deserve the best possible chance to succeed?


Forget about spending 8 Hours a day on promoting your book. For less than a value meal you'll learn how to take just 8 hours and invest them in actionable tasks that will pay dividends into the future. Don't you owe it to yourself to reclaim your life?

Authors are sick and tired of spending every minute of the day promoting themselves and their books. It doesn't have to be that way. 8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career: A Step-by-Step Guide for Self-Published Authors shows you how to invest just 8 hours into actionable tasks that will pay dividends into the future freeing you up to do other things. These are not tasks thought up over night they are the results of over 2 years of research and personal experimentation. I cannot guarantee that it will make you a Bestseller, but many who've followed the tasks outlined in the book can now boast that Bestseller status. Spend it with family, go on vacation, or write your next book it's all up to you. What will you do with all that time you're going to have?


  1. I looked for this on my Nook. Where is it available?

  2. Hey Becca, Tammie said this should be available on nook tomorrow.


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